Breathe new life into your existing HiFi with Sonos Amp or Port

Sonos Port and Sonos Amp are both smart pieces of kit, but you may be wondering what the differences are, would you need one, or what even are they at all? 

Thankfully, the decision between these products are not a case of preference or which one is better - it depends entirely on the audio set up you are going for.

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> I have an amplifier and speakers already but want to take advantage of wireless music streaming

> I have an old amplifier that I would like to replace and use with my existing speakers

> I want to install ceiling speakers in my home


What is the Sonos Amp and Sonos Port?

They are WiFi-enabled streaming components that connect to your existing HiFi with a simple line-in and you can then enjoy your favourite content using streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, TuneIn radio or even Audible through your existing speakers. 

There are quite a few different situations where these products would be relevant but they are often used with things like amplifiers, older stereo systems, CD players, ceiling speakers and turntables.

For example, you might have had a wired audio system for years, consisting of an amplifier and bookshelf speakers but you are looking for the ability to stream Spotify to it. Add a Sonos Port to the amplifier and you’ll be able to do just that plus more.

Or maybe you’re looking at getting ceiling speakers in your home. These types of systems require separate amplifiers as the majority of ceiling speakers are passive. This is where the Sonos Amp comes in as this will power the ceiling speakers. 

We will cover both in more detail later on.

If you have Sonos speakers already, the Amp or Port will be set up as a new room meaning your existing speakers can be listened to at the same time as your other Sonos speakers, all in perfect harmony, or they can all be playing something entirely different.

Sonos Port vs Sonos Amp

What are the actual differences between the Port and the Amp?

The biggest difference between the Port and the Amp is that the Amp has built-in amplification so can power passive speakers such as in-wall, in-ceiling or bookshelf / floor standing speakers. 

The Port is not an amplified product so cannot power speakers. Instead, it’s a wireless streamer designed to connect to already-powered equipment such as an amplifier or receiver.

With this in mind, let’s create some scenarios in which you’d require either a Sonos Amp or Port.

I have an amplifier and speakers already but want to take advantage of Music streaming

Solution: Sonos Port


As you have the amplifier already, you can simply plug a Sonos Port into the amplifier via RCA line in and start streaming to your existing speakers straight away.

Got a turntable too? That will also be connected to your Amp either via the Amp’s phono input or via a pre-amp into the Amp’s RCA. 

You’ve then got the choice between analogue and digital 🙂

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I have an old amplifier that I would like to replace and use with my existing speakers

Solution: Sonos Amp


Maybe your amplifier is so old, you fancy an upgrade or it’s on the blink, you’ll need the Sonos Amp to power the speakers with.

Being a compact amplifier, the chances are the Sonos Amp won’t take up as much space and it’ll be smarter as well, allowing you to play any music on the planet through the speakers.

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I want to get ceiling speakers in my home

Solution: Sonos Amp

As mentioned, ceiling speakers almost always require a separate amplifier to power them with speaker cable.

As ceiling speakers are becoming more popular especially for extensions and new-build properties, smart amplifiers are a great solution because not only are the speakers themselves discreet, you can stream wirelessly to them from your phone over WiFi. 

If you want a whole home of ceiling speakers, Sonos is the leading multi-room audio solution and works wonderfully. 

We have many blogs on the topic of ceiling speakers and choosing between them and even a YouTube playlist that covers everything you need to know.

We’ll even mark-up your floor plan for free with the best positioning, models, quantities required and an overall cost.

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So to sum up, the only times you would want to consider the Sonos Port or Amp is if you'd like to take advantage of the Sonos software but keep your own third-party amplifier, HiFi equipment, ceiling speakers or turntable.

If you are sure which product you need and would like some more information about the Port or the Amp, we have written individual reviews on each product. See below:

If you are still not certain which product you will need, then tell us the exact products you have and we will let you know what products you need. 

Simply get in touch via email, give us a call or even talk to us via the online chat. We’d love to have a chat!

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