Marshall Mode II review - Built for loud iconic in-ear headphones

Fan’s of retro brand Marshall will be excited to hear that they’ve now entered the truly wireless headphone market with their new to 2021 Marshall Mode II - coming in at an RRP of £159. We’ll be reviewing the iconic brands in-ear headphones so you can see if they’re right for you.



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Quick Overview

Marshall Mode II

 Headphone Type  In-ear
 Noise cancellation  None
 Weather rated  IPX5 (earbuds) IPX4 (case)
 Battery life  5-hour earbud (20 hours additional charge with carry case)
 Voice control  Yes
 Connectivity  Bluetooth 5.1


Mode II Top Features

Truly Wireless 25 Hours of Playtime Customisable EQ

These intuitive earbuds allow you to effortlessly change controls with just a touch of your finger (or two!)


Each bud holds a charge of 5 hours, while the portable charging case carries an additional 20 hours of charge,


Marshalls signature sound can be changed to suit your preferences and they even include 5 different presets so you can fine-tune the EQ.


Mode II Design

Marshall incorporates the timeless design they’re known for, with a staple ‘M’ stylishly displayed on the bud itself. The case reflects the retro guitar rock brand with a textured leather-like finish and the Marshall name printed as a contrast across the front. The bud itself doubles up as a touch sensor, allowing you to control playback and access your phone or device’s voice, assistant. The earbuds themselves are lightweight and comfortable so shouldn't cause any ear fatigue.

Pro’s Con’s
Stylish pocket-sized faux-leather charging case

IPX5 waterproof rating

Magnetic earphone seats and carry case closure keeps earbuds safe in your bag or pocket

Includes small medium and large ear tips



Mode II Audio Quality

The signature Marshall sound has been masterfully delivered yet again, with the Mode II providing powerful low-frequencies while maintaining low distortion. The vocals deliver excellent clarity and work well alongside the mid-range all while retaining a good balance. While there isn't any noise cancellation, the design of the Mode II goes some way to block out surroundings.

Pro's Con's
Powerful bass

Low distortion

Crisp clear vocals

Customisable EQ

No noise cancellation

Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Mode II Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.1 technology ensures a stable connection is established, as well as offering a better range with lower power consumption. Despite there being no active noise cancellation, there is 'transparency mode' allowing you to filter noise from your surroundings.

Pro's Con's
Bluetooth 5.1

Transparency mode

 Phone calls and native voice control

Works with Marshall App

No bluetooth multipoint support


NOTE: I have seen a few other reviews commenting on the microphone being weak, though after extensive testing we didn’t find any huge problems. When using the voice note app on iPhone, there was a slight buzz, however phone calls were crystal clear.


Mode II Battery Life

Each bud of the Mode II comes with a 5-hour battery life, though the travel case carries an impressive 20 more hours. The battery can be indicated within the App, however, there’s also a status LED light on the outside of the case to indicate low battery and Bluetooth pairing.

You can charge the case by the USB-C cable which is supplied in the box, or you can even sit the case on a Qi charger.


The Marshall App at a glance

Search 'Marshall Bluetooth' in the App store to connect to your device for the ability to control Playback, customise your sound, personalise your settings, as well as learning about your products and getting firmware updates.

Five EQ presets Transparency Mode Battery display

There are five EQ presets to tailor your audio specifically to your tastes. This includes their ‘Rock’ mode which goes hand in hand with their brand.


The Transparency mode can be adjusted depending on how much of your surroundings you’d like to block out.


The battery of each bud is also displayed in the App, so you can see exactly what battery you’re on and if you need to charge them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the controls on the Marshall Mode II earbud?

Left earbud - Tap once for transparency mode. Tap twice for voice assistant.

Right earbud - Tap once to pause/play or to answer a call. Tap twice to skip to the next track. Tap three times to go back to the previous track.

Left OR right earbud - Tap once to accept or end a call. Tap twice to reject a call.

Q. What is Bluetooth 5.1?

Bluetooth 5.1 was introduced in January 2019 and brings a few improvements over 5.0 such as the ability for devices to pinpoint your location, improved speed of the pairing process all while using less power and improved handling of services that are ready to connect.

Q. What is IPX5?

IP Ratings display a level of protection against foreign bodies such as dust and dirt, as well as moisture resistance. An IPX5 rating means there’s protection against water projected from a nozzle at any angle.

Q. Do Marshall have an App?

Yes, named Marshall Bluetooth in the App store in which you can customise the EQ, re-name the device, access user manuals, receive software updates and more.

Q. How do I connect the Marshall Mode II to my device?

Once you're on the Marshall app on your device, hold down the gold connect button on the Mode II’s case while the earbuds are sat inside. Once the lights are blue, you’ll be ready to connect through the app on your device.

Q. What comes in the Marshall Mode II box?

Mode II true wireless headphones
Charging case
USB-C charging cable
User manual and legal and safety information
Ear tips (S, M, L, XL)


The Marshall Mode II is an impressive in-ear headphone set and will be particularly enhanced for those who enjoy Marshalls iconic sound. The sound quality is detailed with a great amount of depth and despite there being no noise cancelling feature, the design does do a great job of blocking out the surroundings. The Marshall Bluetooth App does also help amplify the experience, allowing you to personalise the EQ settings to suit your taste. We think the nostalgic design will be popular among most and a stylish addition to an audio collection.

There are a few alternatives listed above if your preferences haven't quite been met by the Mode II, so feel free to check out our noise cancelling, on-ear or over-ear alternatives.

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