Audio Technica M50XBT2 - Headphone Overview

We’re really excited to introduce the Audio Technica M50XBT2, their brand new 2021 headphone model that has replaced the coveted ATH-M50XBT model.

‘Expanding the Limits of Audio Technology’

To give you a quick overview, the M50XBT2 are studio-style wireless headphones supplied in black at a respectable RRP of £179. The price is actually very interesting, seeing as the previous model was priced the same with fewer features, however, definitely nothing to complain about!

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Audio Technica M50XBT2: Quick Overview.

Headphone Type  Over-Ear
Battery Approx. 50 hours
Re-Charge Approx. 3.5 hours
Connectivity Support Codec - LDAC/ AAC, SBC
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Digital Assitant Amazon Alexa

Audio Technica M50XBT2: Design

Upon unboxing these headphones, you’re greeted with a stylish travel pouch, the headphones themselves, a USB-C charging cable and a 3.5mm cable for a wired connection.

It has to be noted, there’s no power adapter, however, this is pretty standard for technology these days, so you’ll need to buy one if you don’t already have one.

Audio Technica M50XBT2: Set-Up

✓  Google Fast pair

  Quick set-up

Bluetooth or wired connection

Set-up is simple and pain-free, all you do is press and hold the power button and connect via Bluetooth. This can be done in the traditional way by finding the headphones in your list of nearby Bluetooth devices.

Alternatively, if you’re an Android user you can use Google Fastpair by bringing any Android device close to the headphones and they should automatically connect.


The headphones feature a collapsible design, so they’re perfect to take on the go, protected by the handy travel pouch.

An over-ear design has been utilized to minimise ear fatigue and keep you listening for longer, which is desirable if you’re going to be wearing the headphones for a prolonged period of time.

Audio Technica use leather for a more premium feel, as well as ensuring you get your money’s worth by using a hard-wearing material.

? As leather is temperature-adapting this is something to remember if you need a more breathable material.


Functional Button Design Dual Mic Design User-Friendly Design

For ease of use, you’ll find a lot of controls sitting under the left earcup, including volume control which also doubles up as a skipping and previous track button, so no need to use a device for quick changes.


Next, there’s a play/pause button which can also be used to answer or end phone calls. There's also a Dual Mic design that provides impressive vocal pickup, resulting in crystal-clear phone calls.


An indicator light will illuminate if you’re on a low battery as well as flash if you’re in Bluetooth pairing mode. These buttons promote a user-friendly experience and ensure you’re not fumbling for your device.


.Audio Technica M50XBT2: Sound Quality

.Overall, these headphones are incredibly well-rounded and have a great balance between the mid-range and bass. As you get a very pure listening experience, these are ideal headphones for editing music or videos. If you’re the sort of listener who’s looking for a good mid-range set of headphones that focus on purity rather than just having flashy bass, these are definitely a top pick.

 X One thing to point out is that these are not noise-cancelling headphones, so if that’s something on your list of must-haves then these might not be the best option for you.

Having said this,
the sealed effect you get from these earcups further enhances the sound performance as it helps to block out background noise which results in you being further immersed in whatever you’re listening to creating a more enjoyable listening experience.

Audio Technica: App

.The Audio Technica App really optimises the headphones for a unique listening experience. The App allows you to customise lots of different aspects such as the EQ, connection codec and other basic controls.

Main Audio Technica App Features

Exact battery percentage

Change the connection codec (from AAC to SBC)

Change the EQ

Enable low latency mode

Basic controls (play/pause, skip)

Side Tone

Customisable voice assistant


The App features below help to enhance the audio making it more personal to what you need.

Side Tone Customisable EQ Low Latency

Side Tone is where you can hear your own voice and ambient sounds when you’re using the microphone. During a call for example, you can flick between high and low or just turn it off.


The customizable EQ allows you to tweak the fine details and even gives presets for; Bass Boost, Clear Vocals and Treble (stick with the presets if you're new to changing the EQ.)


Low Latency mode - if you’re using the microphone to communicate with gamers or any other situations where you want to reduce the delay when listening or broadcasting live content, this will come in handy.


Audio Technica M50XBT2: Battery Life

Audio Technica have gifted us with an extra 10 hours of battery life when compared to the previous model, which adds up to an impressive 50 hours. It does take roughly 3.5 hours to recharge them to max capacity, which is pretty normal compared to standards these days, however, you can get 3 hours battery from just a 10-minute charge which is great if you’ve forgotten to charge them up and want them for a journey etc.

Our Verdict

As a whole, at Smart Home Sounds we think these headphones are a fantastic budget-friendly option with plenty of features. The sound quality is brilliant value for money and the user-friendly App only adds to the experience, providing a personal touch, so they’re optimised to your specific listening needs.

As ever, this isn’t to say they’re without their faults and as mentioned, the leather design may not be ideal for some (especially in hot climates) though some may love the hard-wearing material.

Having said this, I hope this blog helps you see if the M50XBT2 are right for you, though if it did leave you with any unanswered questions, be sure to contact us using the details below.

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