How to upgrade your old HiFi without replacing it

*Updated For February 2024

Music streaming has revolutionised the way that we listen to our favourite tracks. And since the advent of the wireless speaker and multi-room audio, does this mean the days of traditional Hi-Fi are numbered?

Hardly. But as music lovers can spend a fortune on perfecting their Hi-Fi systems, it is no surprise that many wish to keep their old music players and upgrade them for more modern types of streaming. If that sounds like you, you might be wondering how to make a stereo system wireless, so we’ve outlined everything you need to know below.

As Sonos, Bowers & Wilkins, WiiM and Bluesound offer WiFi amps and streamers to update yesterday's old HiFi with today's connectivity, you too can now stream music through your favourite stereo system. 

Person playing vinyl with bowers & Wilkins 606 S3 Speaker and turntable

Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Hi-Fi Set Up

Should It Stay or Should It Go? 

There are two effortless ways of integrating wireless connectivity into your old HiFi in its existing set-up. According to the statements below, which best describes your requirements?

1. "I am happy with the sound of my existing amplifier and speakers, but wish to upgrade them with wireless streaming". 


2."I am thinking of keeping my current speakers, but I am open to replacing the amplifier with an all-in-one streaming solution". 

If option 1 applies, continue to the Music Streamers section below. 

But if option 2 sounds more like your situation, continue further on to the Smart Amplifiers section. 

what is a Music Streamer?

If you have spent time and money finding the perfect match of speaker and amplifier, then why not maximise their potential with digital streaming technology? 

A music streamer will integrate with your existing amplifier and speakers to open up your listening possibilities and transform the way you listen to music on your audio system.

Here are three solutions ready to future-proof and maximise the enjoyment of your treasured stereo system.

Sonos Port - £399

Sonos speakers and soundbars offer listeners an excellent multi-room audio experience with stunning sound quality. And as an answer to those questioning whether the magic of Sonos can integrate with their Hi-Fi, the US audio brand originally introduced their Sonos Connect as a solution. 

Since its release in 2006, the Sonos Connect enabled music lovers to benefit from all of Sonos' notable features through the sound of their beloved stereo components. 

From 2019 onwards, the Connect was finally replaced after many years of loyal service in favour of its eagerly anticipated successor, the versatile Sonos Port. 

Sonos PortThe Sonos Port allows you to unleash your stereo systems' full potential with access to millions of songs via streaming services, including Spotify and Deezer. You will also be able to listen to hundreds of worldwide radio stations, thanks to the free TuneIn radio facility. 

Not to mention, you can play your audio files from a computer, smart device or network storage drive, all delivered through a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet network connection. 

Also featuring Apple Airplay 2, the Sonos Port offers an even more fluid musical experience when streaming from your chosen iOS device. The bonus of voice control via Siri makes for smooth, hands-free operation. 

The Sonos Port plugs into your amplifier via either analogue or digital coax terminals. But a dedicated input allows you to share the audio of auxiliary components, like a turntable or CD player, with other Sonos devices in your network.

A twelve-volt trigger on the rear of the Port makes for seamless integration with your existing Hi-Fi separates and will allow for any connected power amplifiers to turn on simultaneously.

All this connectivity and performance is offered at an affordable price, making the Sonos Port an ideal solution for those looking to update their Hi-Fi system without breaking the bank.

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View sonos PORT

WiiM Pro - £149

WiiM Pro Music Streamer

Just like the Sonos Port or the Bluesound Node, the WiiM Pro is a versatile audiophile-grade music streamer that can turn any audio gear into a smart speaker. However, it does so at a snippet of the price. 

It supports a wide range of music streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Qobuz, and Deezer. It also supports AirPlay 2, Chromecast, DLNA, and Roon Ready. 

With its built-in high-precision TI PCM5121 Dac, the WiiM Pro can stream up to 24-bit/192kHz audio with 106-dB SNR. It also supports multi-room audio, so you can create a whole-home audio system with multiple WiiM Pro units. 

Is it perfect? No. It’s not the most premium design, and you could get more in terms of sound quality, but for the price, it's a very compelling choice, and let’s face it. If you’re looking for a little bit more, you could always step up to the more expensive WiiM Pro Plus. 

For audiophiles seeking top-notch sound, the WiiM Pro Plus ups the game with a premium AKM 4493SEQ DAC, refined ADC for vinyl lovers, and reduced noise for cleaner audio. Plus, it pairs with a greater variety of external DACs, offering flexibility. It also offers richer dynamics, a wider range, and clearer detail.

 VIEW WIIM PRO Audio Streamer

Bluesound Node - £549

Bluesound NodeThe Bluesound Node is the result of audio industry engineers seeking a solution for music streaming with hi-res sound. After winning five stars from What Hi-Fi?, it is easy to see why the Node is  finding favour with audiophiles when upgrading their existing stereo systems. 

Capable of playing music from streaming services, internet radio stations and networked storage devices, the Node offers superb internet connectivity thanks to its dual-band Wi-Fi system. 

Controlled by the robust BluOS control app for smart devices, the Bluesound Node can also be operated by voice command with Amazon Alexa or Siri (via Apple Airplay 2). 

The Bluesound Node is Apple Airplay 2 enabled for iOS users to stream content directly from an Apple device straight into your Hi-Fi, but it also features Bluetooth AptX HD for connection to wireless Bluetooth devices. Compared with regular Bluetooth, this codec can carry 24-bit audio with a superior signal to noise ratio to turn your Hi-Fi sound system into a robust pair of Bluetooth speakers.


Featuring a 32-bit 192 kHz DAC, the Node is ready to unleash the detail and sonic purity of the high-res audio available from premium services like Tidal and Qobuz.

And with MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) files offering studio-quality sound, the Node's decoder and audio renderer ensure you hear the music exactly as the artist intended. 

With the ability to form a multi-room system with other Bluesound products, a dedicated audio input allows you to connect a CD player or turntable for playing in your network.

The Bluesound Node offers a truly versatile way to modernise your prized Hi-Fi equipment and complement it further with the endless possibilities of high fidelity streaming.

But if you require an all in one amplifier and streamer with Bluesound's distinctive qualities, consider the award-winning Bluesound Powernode.

view bluesound node 

Bluesound Node X - £699

Bluesound Node XIf you like the sound of the Bluesound Node but require a slight step up in performance, the brand also offers another option known as the Bluesound Node X.

Despite offering similar connectivity, the biggest difference lies internally with the Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). The Node uses the ESS Sabre DAC ES9018K2M, while the Node X boasts the upgraded ESS ES9028Q2M DAC to deliver slightly better dynamics and detail in sound.

The Node X also features a high-end headphone amp with THX AAA technology, offering lower noise, distortion, and power consumption, resulting in a clearer and more enjoyable listening experience through headphones. 

It’s also available in an exclusive 10th anniversary silver finish, while the Node comes in the standard matte black or white design.

If you prioritise the best possible sound quality, especially for headphones, and appreciate the limited edition silver finish, the Node X is worth the extra investment. However, if you're on a tighter budget, the Node is still a great alternative.

view bluesound node X 

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio - £599 


Famed for their revolutionary loudspeaker designs, Bowers & Wilkins are relatively new to the music streaming arena. But with their new Formation Suite collecting accolades from many reviewers, the Formation Audio component is the solution for those wanting to create Wi-Fi & Bluetooth speakers for legacy stereo setups.

With an advanced DAC to extract every last detail from your sources, the Formation Audio can breathe a new lease of life into the most revealing Hi-Fi systems.  

The initial set-up of the Formation Audio takes place in the dedicated Formation app, but music choices can stream over Wi-Fi, through Apple AirPlay 2, or via 24-bit aptX-HD Bluetooth via your chosen music service. 


Roon ready and designed to integrate with Spotify Connect, the Formation Audio is comfortable streaming high-quality audio from both network storage devices and music services alike. 

The Formation Audio comes complete with an audio input for transporting the sound of any physical music player to other Formation devices in the same network. All of which are enhanced by an advanced analogue to digital converter for optimum sound quality. 

Beautiful to look at, but stunning to listen to, consider the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Audio if wireless reliability and flawless sound quality are at the top of your checklist.

view bowers & wilkins formation audio

What are Smart Amplifiers?

The advantage of streaming music means is that there is no longer a need for hundreds of CDs and albums cluttering up valuable space in your home. As a result, the vast array of stereo separates needed to play them on are also surplus to requirements. 

Smart amplifiers come equipped with the wireless connectivity of a dedicated streamer, but with the addition of an amplifier onboard to power a set of passive speakers. Ideal for replacing the traditional Hi-Fi, smart amplifiers open up your listening possibilities without sacrificing sound quality.

Here are our favourite smart amplifiers, ready to broaden your music choices and improve your listening experience.

Sonos Amp - £699

Sonos Amp PNG

The new Sonos Amp is a musical powerhouse that brings true Sonos connectivity together with a versatile amplifier ready to drive your favourite speaker of choice. 

Packing a mighty 125 watts per channel at 8-ohms, the Sonos Amp makes light work of driving even the most demanding speakers with a superbly powerful yet wonderfully detailed sound. 

Featuring simple volume and play/pause capacitive touch controls on the fascia, you can make music choices through the intuitive Sonos app for desktop and smart devices. And when used with Sonos architectural speakers, the Sonos Amp can be tuned by TruePlay to yield the best performance from your set-up. 

With streaming sources in abundance, the Sonos Amp can also play music via Apple Airplay 2 and features a line-in connection for those wanting to keep a CD player or turntable in their system. Not to mention, the Amp is ready to work with your other Sonos devices to form a superb multi-room ecosystem. 


The Amp's compact dimensions are ideal for discrete applications, while its unique shape allows it to stack with other Sonos Amps for multi-room installations.

Featuring an HDMI Arc port, the Amp can handle the audio output of your TV. And when synced to a pair of Sonos Era 100's and a Sonos Sub, the Amp can deliver an immersive surround sound experience for the whole family to enjoy. A built in RCA hi fi connection also allows you to connect a record player or CD player into your set up, whilst offering you powered speakers to boot.

Whether paired with bookshelf or floor standing speakers, in-ceiling or outdoor speakers, the Sonos Amp is ready to deliver your favourite songs with effortless performance. 

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WiiM Amp - £299

WiiM Amp alongside KEF LS50 Meta from the right

Looking for a stylish, feature-rich all-in-one amplifier that doesn’t break the bank? Well, the WiiM Amp could tick all of your boxes. 

As a relative newcomer to the space, WiiM are making a bit of a name for themselves within the sector for their affordable and impressive streaming devices. Their flagship all-in-one amplifier follows suit and has been earmarked to redefine modern Hi-Fi since its release by packing performance that belies its price tag.

As a relative newcomer to the space, WiiM are making a bit of a name for themselves within the sector for their affordable and impressive streaming devices. Their flagship all-in-one amplifier follows suit and has been earmarked to redefine modern Hi-Fi since its release by packing performance that belies its price tag.

This stylish unit not only boasts a premium aluminium design, but it also delivers clean, detailed sound with ample power, perfect for those budget-conscious audiophiles who are seeking hassle-free wireless music enjoyment.

Wirelessly stream your favourite audio via AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, DLNA, and Bluetooth. Or use the dedicated WiiM app that seamlessly integrates popular services like Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Qobuz, offering you a vast library of music at your fingertips. 

This amp also offers high-resolution audio support up to 192kHz/24-bit and a variety of wired connections like HDMI ARC, ethernet, analogue, and optical inputs, making the WiiM Amp an ideal hub for all of your audio needs.

Now, while the performance is excellent for its price, it might not rival the richness of some high-end models. However, its versatility, user-friendliness, and sound quality make it a compelling choice for music lovers who prioritise good value for money and a great overall experience.

Want to know more? Read our full WiiM Amp Review: The All-In-One Solution for You on our blog.

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Bluesound Powernode - £799


Closely related to the Bluesound Node 2i streamer, the award-winning Powernode 2i marries hi-res wireless streaming with a superb amplifier that will satisfy even the most discerning listener. 

And with some recent revisions by the Bluesound engineers, the Powernode’s potential has been maximised in pursuit of ultimate audio quality and convenience of connectivity. 

Despite its compact dimensions, the Powernode houses a Hybrid Digital amplifier which has been engineered by renowned Hi-Fi manufacturer, NAD Electronics. 

The result is 60 watts per channel, which ensures that the Powernode is able to drive a wide range of demanding speakers without breaking a sweat. 

Coupled with its newly revised 32bit/384kHz DAC, the Powernode is ready to extract every last detail from any cloud music service, internet radio stations or music file that you stream through it.

Capable of hi-res playback, the Powernode can read such files as WAV, FLAC and ALAC, but is also MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) ready for delivering audio exactly as it left the recording studio. 

The Powernode can also seamlessly stream music from network storage, through aptX HD Bluetooth or via Apple Airplay 2, making it a versatile player for all of your digital wireless sources.


Music choices can be selected in the BluOS app for iOS, Android and desktop devices, while simple volume and play controls sit on top of the unit for quick and easy operation. 

For those wanting to playback their physical music collection, two dedicated inputs on the rear of the Powernode will allow you to connect a CD player and record deck.

And with multi-room capabilities waiting to be unlocked, the Powernode can stream your vinyl and CDs to other Bluesound players dotted around your home.

The Powernode has also been implemented with an HDMI port, allowing for connection to your TV media system, which in turn allows the Powernode to playback Dolby Digital encoded content. 

An excellent basis for multi-room audio, the Powernode can share your favourite internet sources

With its superb DAC and amplifier, the Bluesound Powernode is the ideal choice for delivering high-res sound to your speakers, which will make your favourite music come to life like never before.

view bluesound powernode

Do I need an Amplifier and Speakers to Stream Music?

All of the above devices will allow you to enjoy your treasured Hi-Fi and speakers with modern connectivity and live to see another day. 

But for those wondering if there is a solution for streaming music without the need for separate components, the route of the All-in-one smart speaker could be for you. 

With options available from the likes of Sonos, Bluesound, Bowers & Wilkins, KEF and Ruark there is a digital music solution for everyone to enjoy. 

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