Sonos refresh their lineup & release their first Bluetooth speaker

Following massive speculation surrounding a new product drop to coincide with the Sonos Press Event in Berlin this month; we’ve been treated to the announcement that there are not one but three Sonos releases scheduled for this month. 

The 5th September 2019 has proven to be a big day in the evolution of Sonos, featuring the updating and modernising of a couple of tried and true products.

In order of release, here’s a quick run-through of the most important features announced by Sonos, marking the most significant move the company has made in 2019. If you’d like to read through in more depth about any of the three new product announcements, take a look at our dedicated blogs below. 

The Sonos Port - release date: 12th September 2019

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With twice the power per channel and Airplay 2 capability, fans of Sonos have welcomed the introduction of the new Sonos Amp, which replaced the Connect:Amp in February this year. Now Sonos has detailed plans to update and upgrade the trusty Sonos Connect in-line with the new Sonos Amp, giving users a better-listening experience.

The new Sonos Port will still perform the same function as the original Connect; giving users the ability to play all their favourite music services on their traditional stereo system as well as form part of a wider complete Sonos home sound system.  Sonos Port will also allow users to draw their Turntable, CD Player or other traditional HiFi equipment into the Sonos ecosystem. Sonos have, however, made some significant changes to the Connect bringing it in-line with the sleek finish of the recently released Sonos Amp.

The Sonos Port offers installers and users a lot more in terms of usability and design. We’d first like to point your attention towards the sleek black design Sonos have opted for with the new Port, reminiscent of the Sonos Amp released earlier this year. The Sonos Port is also more compact than its predecessor the Connect with a slim 138 mm width, allowing installers to fit three side by side on a standard 19” rack. 

Hardened audiophiles will know that traditional amplifiers require a lot of power, especially when running throughout the day. The Sonos Port features a 12 vault trigger, essentially allowing you to put the amplifier to sleep when not in use and wake it back up when necessary. The Port also features a new and improved DAC compared to the Connect, ensuring your Hifi sound is replicated in crystal-clear detail across your Sonos system. 

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The Sonos One SL - release date: 12th September 2019

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Sonos One SL Black

The 1st Generation Sonos One has proven to be a very popular addition to the Sonos range since its release in October 2017. Incorporating all the speaker components of the trusty Play:1, the Sonos One gives customers a sleek appearance and the option to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice assistant.

Sonos realise, however, that voice assistant technology isn’t for everyone and have adapted the Play:1 to include all modern features. With the SL signifying ‘Speechless’, Sonos has removed the inbuilt microphone feature, perfect for those who don’t see voice control as a necessity.

Featuring the same monochromatic finish and touch controls as the Sonos One; the new Sonos One SL also supports Airplay 2 which allows users to cast audio straight from any iPhone App to the SL.

The Sonos One SL is elevated again by the news that it can be stereo paired with a traditional Sonos One, a feature that was not possible on the Play:1. Whether using your speakers as a stereo pair or as part of a Dolby Digital Surround System; only one speaker needs to have an inbuilt microphone to allow you to make the most of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Even when using 2 Sonos Ones, one microphone will automatically turn off to avoid interference when using a voice assistant. This means the announcement that Sonos One SL, retailing at £179, will pair with the Sonos One makes a voice-enabled surround sound set-up slightly more affordable.

To read up further on the Sonos One SL, take a look at the below blog. 

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The Sonos Move - release date: 24th September 2019

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Arguably the most significant announcement of the Conference, Sonos has revealed a move into the world of portable speakers. The Sonos Move has been designed to allow for quality listening inside the home, which can then be easily moved out into the garden or wider world depending on your needs. 

The Move slots in nicely with newer members of the Sonos range like the Sonos One and Beam, featuring capacitive touch controls and inbuilt voice assistant capability. Elevating the Sonos collection even further, the Move also has inbuilt automatic Trueplay, the first portable speaker of this kind that can do so. Auto-Trueplay will allow you to take the Move to different locations and know that it will produce the best sound for that space, be that inside or outside. You needn’t worry about taking the speaker outside either, as the Move is fully IP56 rated meaning a sudden downpour won’t threaten the lifespan of this product.

Connecting to your wifi network, your Move will appear as a Room on the Sonos app in the same way as other Sonos Speakers, enhancing your multi-room system. When you take it to a new location, however, you will be able to use Bluetooth connectivity to control the music from streaming services on your Phone, Tablet or PC; transforming the Move into a portable Bluetooth Speaker. 

With 10-hour battery life, you’ll be able to use the Sonos Move to keep the tunes flowing at your next BBQ long into the night. The Sonos Move comes supplied with a Charging Bass Power Supply while also supporting USB-C charging. 

We’ve been lucky to have had the chance to play with the Sonos Move ahead of release, and are thoroughly impressed by its performance and versatility. Standing at 9.44 inches, the Move outperforms the Sonos one on both size and sound quality; making it an appropriate alternative to the Play:3 discontinued at the end of last year, just with added benefits packed in. 

The Sonos Move supports both Amazon Alexa and Google digital voice assistants when being used on your wifi network, making it a truly smart speaker. It has also been announced that the Move can be stereo paired, giving you a rich stereo sound in whatever room you choose to base the speakers. 

The Sonos Move answers the requests of many customers who love Sonos but want the option to use their speakers outside of the home.

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