We run through and explain the differences between KEF Wireless' current lineup

Afforded two new models in 2022 already, the KEF Wireless Speaker Range is a brilliant option for marrying the joy of HiFi with new Wifi streaming technology. Currently comprising of the KEF LSX II, KEF LS50 II  and flagship KEF LS60 floor standing speakers, the KEF Wireless Range is joined by a variety of speaker accessories and accompanying subwoofer options to allow you to create your perfect system.

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KEF Wireless Key Specs

You might first be wondering which KEF Wireless System is for you, so we’ve broken down each speaker model by key specifications to make them easier to compare:

KEF LSX ii blog image KEF LS50 II blog image KEF LS60 blog image
Price (Per Pair) £1199 RRP £2499 RRP (Currently £1999) £5999
Colour Options Blue, Red, White, Black, Soundwave White, Black, Grey, Red White, Grey, Blue
Dimensions (Individual Speaker) 240mm x 155mm x 180mm 311mm x 305mm x 200mm 1090mm x 212mm x 394mm
Connections HDMI-ARC, Optical, AUX, Coax, Ethernet (1x Speaker Interlink, 1x Networking) HDMI-eARC, Optical, AUX, Coax, USB Type A, Ethernet (1x Speaker Interlink, 1x Networking) HDMI-eARC, Optical, Coax, RCA, Ethernet (1x Speaker Interlink, 1x Networking)
Subwoofer Out 1x Subwoofer Out 2x Subwoofer Out (1 per speaker) 2x Subwoofer Out (1 per speaker)
Audio Quality Wireless: all sources resampled to 24bit/ 48kHz PCM.

Wired: all sources resampled to 24bit/ 96kHz

Wireless: all sources resampled to 24bit/ 96kHz PCM. 

Wired: all sources resampled to 24bit/ 192kHz

Wireless: all sources resampled to 24bit/ 96kHz PCM.

Wired: all sources resampled to 24bit/ 192kHz PCM.

Streaming Options Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, Roon Ready, UPnP, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, KEF Connect App for access to other major services, Bluetooth 4.2 Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, Roon Ready, UPnP, Bluetooth 4.2, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, KEF Connect App for access to other major services. Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, Roon Ready, UPnP, Bluetooth 4.2, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, KEF Connect App for access to other major services
Internals 1x 19mm aluminium dome tweeter, 1x 115mm aluminium midrange cone (11th Gen Uni-Q) 1x 25mm vented aluminium dome tweeter with Metamaterial Absorption, 1x 130mm aluminium cone (12th Gen Uni-Q) 1x 19mm aluminium dome tweeter with Metamaterial Absorption, 1x 100mm aluminium midrange cone, 4x 135mm Uni-Core woofers (12th Gen Uni-Q)
Frequency Response 54Hz - 28kHz 45Hz - 28kHz 31Hz - 24kHz
Compatible Accessories KEF S1 Floor Stands, KEF B1 Wall Brackets, KEF P1 Desk Pad Stands KEF S2 Floor Stands N/A

KEF LSX II Active Bookshelf Speaker Pair

New kid on the block the KEF LSX IIs are the smallest speaker in the KEF Wireless line-up but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch. In its 11th Generation, the LSX IIs use KEF’s coveted Uni-Q driver array which places the 19mm aluminium dome tweeter at the acoustic centre of the aluminium mid-range cone for the ultimate listening experience. This Uni-Q design eliminates the old problem of a listening ‘sweet spot’, as the KEF LSX IIs will sound great no matter where you’re sat in the room. 

KEF LSX II blog feature 1

As a true wireless product, the LSX IIs support an array of streaming options including Airplay 2, Chromecast and Spotify Connect to name but a few. Roon Ready integration makes the KEF LSX II a good option for those making the move over from a more traditional HiFi set up and the KEF Connect App, used to control all three speakers in the KEF Wireless suite, allows easy access to other popular streaming services. 

Though markedly smaller than the next speaker up in the range, the KEF LS50 Wireless II, the KEF LSX IIs are perfect for a small-mid size room, and we were really impressed with the impactful sound delivered by this compact speaker pair in our testing. 

KEF LSX ii Blue KEF LSX ii red KEF LSX II soundwave KEF LSX II White KEF LSX II Black
Cobalt Blue Lava Red Soundwave Mineral White Carbon Black

Available in a range of colours, the KEF LSX II are also sold in a special finish - Soundwave by Terence Conran, to add an extra stylistic element to what is already a beautiful speaker. The Soundwave, Carbon Black and Cobalt Blue options are finished on the sides with special kvadrat fabric whilst the Mineral White and Lava Red models have a mixture of matte satin and high gloss finishes. 

For more on the KEF LSX, please read our blog: KEF LSX II Review: Best all-in-one system under £1200?

KEF LS50 Wireless II Speaker Pair

The oldest member of the current KEF Wireless line-up is by no means passed its prime, with an array of innovative technologies inbuilt that have been carried across the rest of the range. 

An upgrade on the original LS50 Wireless Is and taking the same cabinet design and acoustic architecture as the KEF LS50 Meta passive bookshelf speakers, the LS50 Wireless IIs are notably bigger than the LSX IIs and boast a larger driver and tweeter for better handling of those mid and high frequencies. 

KEF LS50 Wireless II feature 1 KEF LS50 wireless ii feature 2

The KEF Wireless IIs also mark a step up to KEFs 12th Generation Uni-Q driver technology which better addresses a range of audio distortions by moving the damping apparatus towards the back of the driver. Metamaterial Absorption Technology, or MAT as it’s more commonly known, limits unwanted resonances from spoiling the acoustic experience with up to 99% of the unwanted sound from the rear of the driver removed. This more refined Uni-Q array compliments the KEF LS50 IIs wider soundstage and impactful acoustic performance. 

The wireless streaming options offered by the LS50 Wireless II mirror those of the LSX II, but the LS50 Wireless IIs pack more into their wired connections with an upgraded HDMI-eARC connection for the TV and a USB connection point on board for easy use with a variety of sources.

KEF LS60 Wireless Active Floorstanding Speaker Pair

The flagship KEF LS60 Wireless Active Floorstanders are perhaps one of the best examples of true wireless speaker design really matching that HiFi quality you’d expect from a pair of premium floor standers. As the slimmest speaker product KEF has ever made, newcomers the LS60s certainly pack a lot into a narrow frame and we think they’re well worth their £5999 price tag. 

Utilising the same tweeter design as the KEF LSX IIs, the LS60s add an additional 100mm midrange cone to create that Uni-Q effect, along with 4 heavy-duty 134mm Uni-Core woofers fitted to the sides of the speakers for maximum bass impact. KEF’s innovative Uni-Core system overcomes any possible compromises that might have to be made given its smaller cabinet size as both drivers are combined back-to-back into a single motor system. 

The KEF LS60 floor standing speakers are capable of delivering a deeper bass, down to 31Hz, than other options further down in the range. An eclectic range of connectivity options make the LS60s a great all-rounder for both music and TV use, whilst a maximum streaming quality of 24 bit/ 384kHz when the speakers are connected together via an ethernet interlink makes this a perfect option for those looking to unlock streaming’s full potential. 

You’re also met with a good range of wired connectivity options when using the KEF LS60s, including the option to add up to two wired Subs to the system to make your audio even more thrilling and immersive. 

If you’re interested in the KEF LS60 Wireless Floorstanders, check out our blog: KEF LS60 Review: HiFi meets WiFi?

KEF LS60 Uni-Q Blog feature ls60-product-image

KEF Subwoofer Options

As hinted at above, it is possible to connect an active subwoofer 

KEF have a variety of candidates for this. Their Kube series is particularly popular, with an 8”, 10” and 12” woofer option (the Kube8b, Kube10b and Kube12b respectively) to best suit the size and shape of your room. Each Kube woofer has a minimalist all-black cube design and offers users the benefits of iBX dynamic bass extension technology which uses an advanced DSP format to extend the depth and maximise the capabilities of KEF’s custom-designed woofer driver.

Our top choice, particularly to be paired with the KEF LS60 floor standing speakers, is definitely the KEF KC62 active subwoofer. KEF’s P-Flex Surround Design is inspired by Japanese origami techniques and uses a pleated driver surface to resist any acoustic pressure in the cabinet, allowing the driver to move more precisely. 

This paired with dual 6.5” force cancelling drivers arranged in the same Uni-Core formation as seen in the KEF LS60s makes this subwoofer the perfect choice for a high-end sub option to elevate and enhance your KEF wireless system.

KEF Kube8b KEF Kube10b Kef Kube12b KEF KC62
KEF Kube8b Subwoofer KEF Kube10b Subwoofer KEF Kube12b Subwoofer KEF KC62 Subwoofer

If you wanted to integrate a sub wirelessly into your system, it’s possible to use the KEF KW1 Subwoofer Wireless Adaptor to transfer the bass channel signal from your speaker pair wirelessly to the Sub itself. This removes the need for trailing speaker wires and maintains the clean and crisp look of your KEF system. 

How does it all work together?

Wireless system competitors like Sonos or Bluesound market themselves on their refined multi-room capabilities, but how does KEF Wireless compare? One thing to make clear is that, unlike these other brands, it’s not possible to set up multi-room pairing using the KEF Connect App. This App is purely used to control and enhance the music playback, with dedicated EQ setting controls and integration with the majority of popular music streaming services.

The KEF Wireless range is, however, both Apple Airplay 2 and Chromecast enabled along with being Roon Ready, meaning you would be able to use one of these services to play your KEF Wireless speakers together - great if you’re planning to install a couple of pairs in different rooms in your house.

KEF LSX II Blog lifestyle KEF LS50 Wireless II blog lifestyle KEF LS60 log lifestyle

Our Final Thoughts

Placing themselves as a more premium option than other wireless speakers on the market, the KEF Wireless range cements itself as a brilliant solution for those looking to bring a HiFi level of sound quality into their homes whilst still benefitting from a modern, wireless speaker system. Though more expensive than some other models on the market, you definitely get what you pay for from the award-winning, British Heritage audio giant. 

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