KEF LS60 Wireless Active Floorstanding Speaker Audiophile level Wireless Active Speakers

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HiFi meets WiFi in KEFs premium, audiophile quality music streaming speaker pair - the KEF LS60s.


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Specifications of the KEF LS60 Wireless Active Floorstanding Speaker

  • Weight (Kg) 63.000000
  • Brand KEF
  • Product Type Wireless Speaker
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
  • Features Uni-Q Driver Array, Uni-Core Force Cancelling Driver, Metamaterial Absorption Technology
  • Width 212mm (per speaker with plinth)
  • Height 1090mm (per speaker with plinth)
  • Depth 394mm (per speaker with plinth)
  • Maximum SPL 111 dB (measured at 1m)
  • Frequency Range 26 Hz - 36 kHz
  • Frequency Response 31 Hz - 24 kHz
  • Power Consumption Typical 450W (operating power)
  • Power Consumption Standby <2.0W (standby power)
  • Audio Spotify via Spotify Connect , Tidal via Tidal Connect, Amazon Music , Qobuz, Deezer , QQ Music via QPlay, Internet Radio, Podcast
  • Line In HDMI eARC TOSLINK Optical Digital Coaxial Analog RCA USB Type A (service) RJ45 Ethernet (network) RJ45 Ethernet (interspeaker)
  • Line Out RCA Subwoofer output
  • Amplifier Classification LF: Class D MF: Class D HF: Class AB, LF: 500W MF: 100W HF: 100W
  • Music connectivity Airplay 2, Spotify Connect , Bluetooth

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KEF LS60 Wireless Active Floorstanding Speaker Pair

KEF LS60 Wireless Active Floorstanding Speaker Pair

Enjoy audiophile worthy, premium audio with the KEF LS60 Wireless Floorstanding Speaker Pair. HiFi meets Wifi with KEF’s coveted Uni-Q driver technology, Uni-Core force cancelling drivers and up to 24 bit/ 192 kHz for peerless KEF performance. With Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplay, Chromecast and more inbuilt you’re sure to find a connection that suits you with a range of wired inputs also supplied.

  • Uni-Q Driver Array Technology with four back to back 5.25” Uni-Core force cancelling drivers

  • 1400 watts of combined power

  • 24 bit 192 kHz native playback with MQA decoding and DSD

  • KEF’s class-leading W2 wireless platform for exceptional wireless performance
  • Airplay, Chromecast, Bluetooth 4.2, Spotify Connect, KEF Connect App and more supported

  • RCA/ AUX, eARC, Optical and Coaxial inputs

  • Slim design, no wider than most mobile phones, to suit the modern home
KEF LS60 Wireless Active Floorstanding Speaker Pair

Uni-Q Technology

Exceptional KEF Audio Quality

Exceptional KEF Audio Quality

As the world’s first Single Apparent Source wireless system, the LS60s use KEF’s coveted Uni-Q driver and four back-to-back 5.25” Uni-Core force cancelling drivers to group the low, mid and high-frequencies of anything you listen to so that they radiate from a single point. An enhanced bass performance, wider soundstage and precise stereo imaging is achieved through this technology to make for the largest possible listening ‘sweet spot’.

All of this is paired with a massive 1400 watts of combined power, along with KEF’s Metamaterial Absorption driver array technology which eliminates unwanted sound from the rear of each driver from spoiling the LS60’s pure, natural sound performance.

Exceptional KEF Audio Quality

Hi-Res Quality

Audiophile Listening Experience

Audiophile Listening Experience

KEF’s Music Integrity Processing Engine has been employed to correct any timing errors as audio flows through the speakers, ensuring the end result is as crisp and precise as your favourite music deserves.

When streaming wirelessly the KEF LS60s can support a better-than-CD-quality resolution of 24 bit/ 96 kHz, but this is increased to an exceptional 24 bit/ 192 kHz native playback when using a wired ethernet speaker connection. MQA decoding and DSD are also supported.

Audiophile Listening Experience

Play anything, hear everything

HiFi meets WiFi

HiFi meets WiFi

Using KEF’s class-leading W2 wireless platform, introduced for the award-winning LS50s, the LS60s deliver exceptional wireless performance no matter what you’re listening to.

With WiFi, Apple Airplay 2, Google Chromecast and Bluetooth 4.2 inbuilt, you’ll have the flexibility to listen however you wish. The KEF Connect App is on hand for streaming services like Amazon Music, Quobuz and Deezer or for listening to your favourite radio stations and podcasts. Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and Roon Ready (as of Autumn 2022) integrations are also built into the LS60 speakers giving you even more flexibility when set up out of the box.

HiFi meets WiFi

Plug 'n Play

A range of wired sources

A range of wired sources

As a true all-rounder, the KEF LS60s don't just support wireless streaming but also a range of wired sources. Whether it’s vinyl that you love, CDs or even gaming, there are connection inputs to host a wide variety of audio and entertainment sources. See below for the full list:

  • An RCA AUX Input (Suited to Turntables and CD Players)
  • An HDMI eARC and Optical Input (Suited to TVs, Games Consoles and DVD Players)
  • A Coaxial Input (Suited to Set-Top Boxes and DVD Players)
  • A Subwoofer Output
  • An RJ45 Ethernet Network Connection
A range of wired sources

KEF LS60 Reviews

KEF LS60 Reviews

The KEF LS60 Wireless is everything a modern all-in-one hi-fi system should be, combining eye-catching looks, a suite of useful features and outstanding sound quality.

What Hi-Fi? 5 stars

2022 marks a diamond year for KEF, one of the world’s most respected audio brands, and to celebrate, it has launched the LS60 Wireless, its first floor-standing streaming active stereo speaker. And it is an absolute triumph.

Wired 8/10

Easy Set Up

Slim Floorstanding Profile

Slim Floorstanding Profile

Striking for their slim, modern appearance, the KEF LS60 Floorstanding speakers take a unique approach to their cabinet design which truly separates these speakers from the pack. The 4 Uni-Core force-cancelling drivers sit back to back on the sides of the LS60s, pushing mid-bass frequencies out and into your room for maximum impact. Available in your choice of Royal Blue, Titanium Grey and Mineral White, there’s sure to be a pair of KEF LS60s to suit your space.

The KEF LS60 stereo speakers can be connected either wirelessly or via a wired Ethernet connection if required, giving you the flexibility to set up your speakers to best suit your room.

Slim Floorstanding Profile



Q. What’s the KEF LS60s frequency response?
A. The KEF LS60s have a frequency response of between 31Hz and 24kHz, when measured at 85dB/ 1m

Q. Can the KEF LS60s be used with a TV?
A. Yes! Thanks to the HDMI eARC and Optical connection options, you’ll be able to connect your TV up to your LS60 speakers, allowing them to handle all of your TV audio.

Q. What is a Uni-Q Driver Array?
A. KEF’s Uni-Q technology places the tweeter at the very centre of the bass and midrange cone, meaning the ‘sweet spot’ - area to sit in for the best acoustic experience - fills the whole room.

HiFi Meets Wifi in KEF’s audiophile-grade, premium LS60 Wireless Floorstanding Loudspeakers

HiFi Meets Wifi in KEF’s audiophile-grade, premium LS60 Wireless Floorstanding Loudspeakers

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