The sonos sub (Gen 3) wireless subwoofer is the ultimate upgrade for your home cinema setup

Delivering impressive bass performance to take your Sonos setup to the next level, the Sonos Sub Gen 3
is an impressive piece of kit. However, with a price tag of £749, you may be wondering if it's really worth it and rightly so.

In this blog, we explore some of Sonos Sub Gen 3's best and worst features and ultimately tackle the question whether it's right for you. 

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What is Sonos SUB?

The Sonos Sub is a wireless subwoofer that handles all the lower frequencies of your audio content, commonly known as bass. Bass is arguably one of the most important elements of a track because without bass your audio would lack life and sound a bit flat.

Bass plays a large role in getting those feet tapping, heads bopping and dancefloors filling! Read more about how science can explain why we love bass.

Adding a sub isn’t just all about adding bass either. By design, all Sonos subwoofers will take the load of the lower frequencies and therefore free up more processing power for your other sonos speakers or soundbar.

Therefore, by adding a subwoofer, not only will you gain impressive bass but you will also experience more clarity and detail in the other audio channels like mid-range and dialogue too.

The Sub comes in the form of an aesthetically-pleasing box shape with an opening in the centre of the unit, which passes air out of the enclosure, so you'll be able to 'feel' the bass, not just hear it.

Achieving frequencies as low as 25Hz, the Sub offers deep, rich bass and can really bring your content to life.

Older subwoofers have been known for taking up large amounts of space in the living room, with wires running everywhere, not to mention potentially producing vibration and rattling if touched.

A good perk about the Sub is that it's face-to-face drivers cancel out all vibrations so there's zero cabinet rattle. And it's so easy to set up - simply plug it into power and pair wirelessly with any Sonos speaker via the Sonos S2 app. 

Unsure how to use the Sonos App? Read our Sonos S2 App User Guide.

The Sonos Sub (Gen 3) has some nice design upgrades over previous generations. It comes in two colour choices: gloss black or white. Cosmetic changes to the second generation come in the form of a flushed black or white colour throughout, a more discreet Sonos logo and a more ergonomic power cord.


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WHy The Sonos Sub (Gen 3)?

Strengths Weaknesses

✓ Impressively deep, rich and powerful bass output

✓ Aesthetically pleasing design

✓ Versatile placement options

✓ Seamlessly integrates into existing Sonos multi-room systems

✓ Can be paired with another Sonos Sub (excluding Sonos Sub Mini)

✖ High-end price point

✖ Heavy  

✖ Larger footprint than the Sonos Sub Mini

✖ Only connects to other Sonos speakers

Our Verdict

The difference you hear between a Sonos speaker with and without a Sub is undoubtedly drastic. Just have a read of some of the reviews of the Sub from our customers.

However, the price of the Sub being £699 is enough to put some people off, especially considering the Sonos Beam soundbar is £399.

If you have the budget and the space for it, it's definitely an investment in your audio and if you're looking to take your set up to the next level, this will do it.

The good thing about the Sonos system is there is no pressure to buy all the equipment at once as it is very easy to build a complete system in your own time.

Many customers start off with a Beam or Arc then add the Sub at a later date and round off the set up with two Ones or One SLs as surround rears or vice versa.

Take a look at a recent review from one of our Sonos subwoofer customers below:


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Which Is The Better Subwoofer? Sonos Sub vs Sonos Sub Mini

Sonos Sub Gen 3 vs Sonos Sub Mini

Released in 2022 at a price of £429, the Sonos Sub Mini has changed the game when it comes to Sonos Subwoofer options. As the more affordable and compact ‘smaller brother’, the uniquely cylindrical Sub Mini has given users a lot more to think about when adding bass to their Sonos home cinema systems. The question is, which is the better subwoofer? 

If you’re looking for the short and simple answer: the Sonos Sub Gen 3 is undoubtedly the more powerful unit of the pair. Its got better specifications and is going to deliver more impactful bass, which is perfect for users in need of a Sonos setup that can fill a larger or open plan space. 

On the other hand, the Sub Mini is a smaller unit which is deceptively powerful. It’s still going to deliver more than enough output for most spaces. Based on our testing, we suggest that its clean and tight bass is better suited to small-medium sized spaces that just don’t require the power of the Sub (Gen 3). 

When it comes to soundbar pairings, as a general rule of thumb, we think the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is the best match performance wise for the Sub Mini. Whereas, we think that the Sonos Sub (Gen 3) is better suited to the wider soundstage of the Sonos Arc.

Ultimately, which Sonos subwoofer is right for you will depend on a variety of factors. If you’d like to find out more read our Sonos Sub Mini vs Sonos Sub (Gen 3) blog.

Or watch our Sonos Sub Gen 3 vs Sub Mini: Don't Make The Wrong Decision video


How do you add a sub to a Sonos speaker

It's very easy to add the Sonos Sub to any existing Sonos speaker. Simply power the Sub up and then open the Sonos S2 App. From the App, simply select add a new speaker, follow the on-screen instructions and you will be done in a few minutes.

Our ideal Sonos speaker & SUB choices

As mentioned previously, the Sub will pair with any Sonos speaker you own but it pays to be smart about which speakers you pair it with. 

A stereo pair of Sonos Ones or One SLs - A pair of Sonos Ones or One SLs is one of our most popular purchase choices due to them being so versatile, affordable and maintaining surprisingly powerful sound. However, the smaller physical size of the speaker comes at a cost to the bass response.

Adding a Sub to this set up produces one of the highest levels of difference and your music will thank you for it. 


Sonos Arc & Sonos Beam (Gen 2) - The Sonos Sub works perfectly with these soundbars. Due to them both being physically wider speakers, the soundstage is naturally better than what you’d find in a Sonos One, Sonos Move or Sonos Five. Couple this with the extra layer of boom you get from Sonos Sub and you’re on to a winner.

This is hands down one of the best combinations you will hear and is perfect for music, TV or films alike.

Finishing off a Sonos Home Cinema - Sub provides the final 0.1 in the Sonos 5.1 Home Cinema experience. If you've got a Sonos Arc or Beam, maybe with a pair of Ones or One SLs as rears, Sub will integrate seamlessly into this zone and provide the finishing touches you need for your content to sound as close to a cinema experience as possible.

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FAQ: Should I add SUB to my Sonos Five?

This would create a very powerful set up, especially if you had a stereo pair of Sonos Fives. We are talking enough to have a major party with high volume levels in your living room.

However, 9 times out of 10, the Sonos Five can hold its own and would not usually require a Sub unless you would like to throw some serious parties in a large area.


FAQ: Does it matter where I place the SUB?

Sonos Sub has the added benefit of being non-directional meaning wherever or however you place the Sub in the room, has no impact on the resulting sound for that room.

That means you have full flexibility to put it literally anywhere in the room, as long as it has enough clear space to push the air out from.

Most customers choose to position it standing upright on the floor, next to the TV but there is nothing stopping you from laying it flat underneath your sofa if you wanted to!

Just make sure you don’t hide it in an enclosed cabinet as this will limit its effect.



There is even a wall mount for the Sub if you can't find the floor space, manufactured by our friends at Flexson.

FAQ: Should I worry about how loud Sonos sub is for my neighbours?

Sonos Sub is undoubtedly a very powerful piece of equipment which sometimes raises concerns for customers about noise, especially if it is going into an apartment.

Our advice would be to try and position the unit near a wall where there are no adjoining properties to restrict the amount of bass that can be heard through the walls.

There are also settings in the Sonos app that let you adjust the volume of the Sub itself or apply Night Mode.

This will reduce the impact of extremely low frequencies that penetrate through walls such as explosions or particularly bass-heavy parts of a track, so you don’t wake the neighbours or the kids if you’re listening at night.

You can also calibrate your Sonos Sub to your room in the initial set up. Using test tones, you can increase or decrease the "boom" of your Sub on a scale from -3 to +3.

This is particularly useful if your Sub will be positioned in the corner of the room or in a slightly awkward place.

What's The Next Step?

Fallen in love with the Sonos Sub (Gen 3) and can’t wait to get your hands on one? At Smart Home Sounds, we offer a 6 year warranty with all of our Sonos products as well as free next day delivery and access to our VIP loyalty scheme where you can unlock special discounts on your future purchases with us.

We also offer a pay monthly scheme where you can spread your payments up to 12 months, interest-free.

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Can I hear it before I buy it?

Of course, words will never be as effective as coming in and listening to it with your own ears. That’s why we offer the chance to come to our showroom and test things out for yourself. If you’d like to have some hands on time with any of our products, or even have a chat with an expert, feel free to get in touch and book a showroom appointment here.

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