Is the Ruark R410 the ultimate all-in-one Hi-Fi solution?

Featuring heaps of the latest connectivity in a stunning retro all-in-one package, the Ruark R410 Integrated Music System is the first addition to Ruark’s brand-new ‘100 Series’ and is built to deliver everything the modern music world has to offer. But considering its high-end price tag of £1299, throughout this review, we will be testing to see if all-in-one Hi-Fi is the solution for you, or if traditional two-channel option is just too tough to beat.

Directly rivalling popular all-in-one models like the Naim Mu-so 2, Sonus Faber Omnia, or the class-leading two-channel active options out there, like the KEF LSX II's, for example, the R410 has some big boots to fill.

However, we’ve got absolutely no doubts that this feature-packed sound system will tick a lot of boxes and run things very close when it comes to sound quality.

Ruark R410 Integrated Music System PNG image
Ruark R410 Integrated Music System 
Price: £1,299
(See Latest Pricing
Near-Hi-Fi quality all-in-one audio package
Stunning design. Perfect for almost any space
Heaps of sources and connections
HDMI eARC connection for TV audio
No built-in CD player
Rotodial Remote can take time to get used to

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Ruark 100 Series

As the first release of Ruark’s all-new 100 series, the R410 marks a new and exciting venture for the British hi-fi brand. 

This isn’t Ruark’s first rodeo when it comes to all-in-one music systems, though. They’ve had plenty of success with the likes of their flagship R7, R5, and the more compact R3S, and they’ve garnered a lot of respect in the industry with their smart radios and class-leading MR1 MKII Active Bluetooth Speakers in their R-Series too. 

According to the brand itself, every speaker in this new 100 series has been “reviewed, honed, and enhanced to make them their most advanced and desirable products to date.” Which, If you’re a Ruark fan already, is a big plus. 

As the first release of the lineup, obviously the jury’s still out about where the R410 will sit within the range, but with a larger Ruark R810 being rumoured for release late in 2023, you’d assume the long term goal is to create a range full of choice.

Now, you’re probably wondering what this means for the existing R-Series. Well, the 100 Series isn’t here to replace it by any stretch. It's said to be here to complement it, giving us more options moving forward with a new focus placed on the more modern approach to high fidelity listening, which can only be a good thing in our book.


Rear of Ruark R410 displaying full list of connections

While there’s a nod to Ruark’s radio roots with DAB, DAB+, FM, and Internet radio support, the R410 features all of the latest Wi-Fi streaming functionality with Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Tidal Connect, and Chromecast built-in, as well as aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity and high-resolution music file support up to 24-bit 192 kHz.

Despite lacking a built-in CD player, there’s still room to connect up your legacy devices like a turntable for a more hi-fi-esque experience using the dedicated line-in or optical connection, as well as a HDMI eARC connection for TV listening. This solidifies the R410’s place as an ideal choice for those of you looking to downsize from traditional two-channel or those just craving the simplicity of modern streaming.

It's worth knowing there isn't a companion app with the R410, but the on-screen UI is intuitive, responsive and more than capable of handling everything we needed it for.


Ruark R410 on top of media unit
Closeup of metal detailing on Ruark R410

Let’s get the elephant out of the room bright and early. This is a good-looking piece of technology. However, when you consider the standards already set by the rivals in this space as well as the cost of a unit like this, simply looking good just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

So, If the Ruark R410 is to be a real success, it needs to deliver something particularly special, and based on looks alone, we think it does exactly that. The R410 sticks pretty true to Ruark tradition. Featuring a collection of stylistic elements that we already know and love, blended effortlessly with some modern flair that really takes things to the next level. 

Available in both ‘Fused Walnut’ and ‘Soft Grey’ colourways, the R410 is a decent-sized unit with a beautifully hand-crafted eco-wood cabinet and grille that makes it feel considerably smaller than its dimensions suggest. Neat metal detailing breaks up the wooden finish, echoing the fact that this is a bespoke music system with only premium materials used throughout. 

On the top panel, things are relatively simple, but Ruark fans will be pleased to know that the iconic Rotodial from the R-Series features yet again. It’s tactile, looks great, and works really well too. It may take a little getting used to if you’re new to the brand, but It's definitely a nice way of making the 100 Series feel more like an extension of the R-Series instead of a complete replacement. 

The Bluetooth remote follows the exact same design as the rotodial and feels equally premium and robust. Brands often forgo ‘overdoing it’ with remote controls, but Ruark have certainly gone above and beyond with the R410. Frustratingly, you do have to get this one charged in order to use it, and it would have been nice to have had a wireless charging port, but it’s functional and a better alternative to replaceable batteries. 

The Ruark R410 also features a high-resolution portrait display on the front, which is hard to ignore. Despite it being a little divisive here at SHS HQ, Ruark have done a great job of blending it in with the rest of the design. When the speaker is on and idle, this screen will show either album artwork or a clock, depending on your preference. Both look impressive and ensure the screen feels much less unobtrusive than when it's off, so it passes the test for us.  

Ruark seems to have actually listened to their customer base, taken what’s good, and made it even better with this model. We think a lot of you will love the retro styling with the modern twist, and it certainly looks more like a piece of furniture than a piece of tech.

No, it’s not going to suit everybody, but if we’re talking about the premium technology in this space, it's up there with the very best for sure. Admittedly, If you’re after something more minimalist, maybe you’d be better off looking at the Naim Mu-so 2, but as always, this is down to a matter of opinions.


Ruark R410 Setup

When it comes to setup, it really is as simple as it gets with the Ruark R410, as you can be up and listening in just under five minutes. Once you’re plugged into the mains and have the aerial plugged in, you just need to follow the on-screen prompts from the Setup Wizard, and you’ll be good to go. 

Of course, if you want to hook up a turntable or other legacy device, setup may take a little longer. But this system is still as close to plug-and-play as you’re going to get, making it an ideal choice for those of you looking for a simple option to achieve near-hi-fi quality audio.  

This highlights one of the key strengths of a product like this, which is partly why it may have a slight edge over traditional two channel setups for some people. It's easy. There’s no faffing about with extra wiring or figuring out how to connect things up, and you can be listening to your favourite music in minutes. 


Apart from the two custom 20mm tweeters from the multi award-winning MR1 MKII Bluetooth speakers, almost everything in the Ruark R410 is new. 

You’ve got two NS+ mid-bass drivers, which are actually bigger in diameter than any in other previous Ruark models we’ve seen and are capable of delivering a max output of 120 W. 

There are also four compact Class-D digital amplifiers, which is a first for Ruark and marks another step in the right direction for this unit. This speaker also benefits from an upgraded processor, which is another step up on what we’ve seen from Ruark previously, echoing the brand’s promises of innovation.

SounD Performance

Ruark R410 With Portrait Display On

Ruark have always done a really good job at presenting sound as warm, balanced, and complete with an impressive richness that’s a joy to listen to across all genres, and quite frankly, the R410 follows that exact same blueprint. 

From our testing, we’ve highlighted the five key takeaways that we’ve found when listening to this speaker on a day-to-day basis. 

✔️ Impressively clean and tight bass performance 

✔️ Stellar vocals capable of pushing the very best to the limit

✔️ Brilliant dialogue when used for TV listening

✔️ Conveyed every element and detail of tracks even at high volumes 

✔️ Size-defying soundstage and spaciousness

Of course, this is a high end sound system, and despite the positives, we did find that the midrange got a little flat in certain areas of tracks at high volumes in our testing. This didn’t take away from the experience overall, as the dynamics were still very well measured, but it's something to bear in mind nonetheless.  

In times gone by, Ruark's mid-sized all-in-ones have tended to be a little too polite in terms of their bass and sound presentation. However, benefiting from that upgraded internal array, there’s a clear sense that the R410 is a big leap forward for Ruark and delivers a much more lively and impactful output than its predecessors.

This hasn’t sacrificed any of the elegance or detailing that we already love about Ruark’s sound profile, as the R410 still feels both nostalgic and tastefully modern, which is why we think this will be so appealing to those of you coming from a wired Hi-Fi background.

If you’re a die-hard wired listener, obviously, this isn’t going to be a like-for-like switch, but it runs performance pretty close. So, if you are looking to downsize, you might find it hard to resist this very simple all-in-one solution.

Ruark R410 vs Naim Mu-so 2

Ruark R410 On Media Unit In Lounge
Closeup of the Ruark Logo on R410

Our initial experiences would suggest that the Ruark R410 pushes the comparison much closer than any Ruark all-in-one has before. The Naim Mu-so 2 will definitely provide benefits for some people, but from testing, we would argue the Ruark R410 captures the more refined and nuanced nature of high-fidelity listening slightly better. 

Obviously, both are brilliant packages, and which sound profile or design you prefer will vary depending on your non-negotiables. But when you consider the benefits of the enhanced technology and the impressive UI, we can see the R410 edging it out for some of you.

Disclaimer: While we’ve enjoyed the Naim Mu-so 2 in the past, we haven’t had the chance to fully test these side by side in our studio yet, so we can’t give a definitive comparison for you. Keep your eyes peeled, as we will update this blog as and when we do.

Our Verdict

The Ruark R410's expansive feature set, impressive design, and signature sound performance ensure this is a really compelling all-in-one Hi-Fi solution. 

If you can look beyond the price, It will be a great option for those of you who are already invested in wireless audio and looking to make steps towards high fidelity listening. Or those of you who want to downsize from a sound system of Hi-Fi separates for the convenience of wireless streaming while still retaining the nuances of a traditional listening experience. 

No, this won’t be the perfect solution for everybody, and yes, there are some exceptional alternatives on the market. But if you want something that can do it all and looks and sounds brilliant while doing it, the Ruark R410 will definitely be a tempting proposition.

We hope you find this helpful, but if you have any more questions we are more than happy to assist with any queries you may have.

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