An Overview of the Monitor Audio c165 In-ceiling speaker

With over 40 years experience behind the Monitor Audio name, it's no surprise that such a highly renowned British speaker manufacturer has firmly established its presence within custom audio installation sector. 

Amidst the brand’s architectural range of speaker components, the keenly spec’d Monitor Audio C165 continues to show its competition how high-quality sound is still achievable from a very modest price tag. 

Despite the variety of brands, models and specifications of in-ceiling speakers we are pleased to offer at Smart Home Sounds, this article will uncover some of the reasons why Monitor Audio’s C165 remains one of our most popular customer choices.




An ideal choice for general ambient listening, home cinema applications or installations where higher volume levels are sometimes required, the Monitor Audio C165 has proven it's capable of delivering excellent audio in a wide range of applications. 

Ideally suited to amplifiers with a power range between 20 - 65 watts, and with its impedance rating of 6-ohms, the C165 is capable of reproducing a frequency range of 60Hz - 25KHz, impressive for this price bracket.

One of the most popular amplifiers we see partnered with the C165 is the highly capable and versatile Sonos Amp. Given the C165's 6-ohm impedance, the Sonos Amp has the ability to run up to four of these speakers together in unison.



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Sound Quality

The C165 is made up of two speaker drivers that are products of Monitor Audio’s extensive research into audio technology. The bass response is provided by the 6.5” MMP II woofer, which is complemented by accurate treble from the 1” C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter. 

The bass driver of the C165 features a Metal Matrix Polymer base: a polypropylene material which contains metallic particles for greater structural rigidity. This manufacturing process results in a driver which can produce more accurate sound waves, even at higher volumes. 



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Gifted with a 1” C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter for a more natural treble response, the C-CAM element of its design means that it is formed using Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium; a material which was originally formulated by the aerospace industry for use in jet engine manufacturing.

Monitor Audio's research has shown that the lightness of this material makes it efficient for producing a sound wave, whereas its strength means it can retain its shape more easily, promoting greater accuracy which is far less prone to distortion.


One of the biggest advantages of using the Monitor Audio C165 in a custom speaker installation is its ability to work within a wide range of environments. Although suited to living rooms and home cinemas, the C165 is equally capable operating in high humidity environments, such as bathrooms and pool rooms, because of its splash-proof construction.

Monitor Audio has recognised that their C165’s sound can vary in different locations, which is why the brand has used its initiative and incorporated pivoting tweeters to allow users to direct sound towards their most habitable position within the room, such as sofas or dining areas. 

Treble response can also be tuned on the C165, thanks to the high-frequency adjustment control, which proves especially useful in surroundings like conservatories, where a large presence of glass or hard furnishings can reflect treble to sound harsh. 


Another aspect which makes the C165 a firm favourite with custom installers is its discrete nature, making it an ideal choice for those needing a speaker which does not draw attention to itself too easily. The magnetic grille provided with the C165 is also paintable, meaning it can be suited to complement any decor scheme.

The Tri-Grip mounting system makes the C165 extremely easy to install within a ceiling enclosure and provides reassuring grip. This fixing system also makes a better surface seal to minimise sound leakage and allows for more efficient mid-range and bass frequency reproduction.

Find out just how easy they are to install in the video below!

Although the C165 speakers sound great in a stereo pair, Monitor Audio has been fortunate to recognise that not all installation spaces have enough room to permit two speakers. This is where the Monitor Audio C165 T2 single stereo speaker could be considered, which allows for precise stereo reproduction from only one speaker unit. 



View Monitor Audio C165-T2 (£144.95)


The C165 is testament to how well Monitor Audio can develop and produce a speaker which is both capable in terms of performance, yet versatile in its design. The Lifetime Warranty Monitor Audio honours on the C165 only demonstrates the faith that the long-established manufacturer has in its own products.

Whilst we cannot deny that more expensive solutions and audiophile alternatives do exist, as well as its larger siblings from the same range, the Monitor Audio C165 demonstrates that quality, value and longevity can be obtained within the same speaker package for very little outlay. 

Ready to get started with your ceiling speaker project? Feel free to contact one of our specialists who will be able to assist with choosing the right ceiling speakers for you, as well as ideal positioning for your property!

View Monitor Audio C165 (£114.95)

By Tom, Sales Team Member

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