KEF KC62 TITANIUM GREY Subwoofer - Everything You Need To Know

Compact, innovative, powerful and now available in a titanium grey. The KEF KC62 Uni-Core Force Cancelling Subwoofer is designed to embody audio excellence whilst still effortlessly slipping into your chosen space.

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This new version breathes new life into an already fresh approach to your typical black box subwoofer design. No bigger than a football, KEF have delivered a signature sounding bass unit that punches way above its weight. Don’t be fooled by its size though. A trio of cutting-edge KEF technologies work together to provide a deep and powerful bass unit with laser-accurate precision.

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Form Meets Function

This subwoofer isn’t solely focused on sonic performance either. The tailored aluminium curved cabinet offers the perfect balance between form and function meaning it will slip seamlessly into your space without any of the fuss. The new titanium grey colourway immediately gives this subwoofer a premium edge, but if you’re worried it’s not going to fit your home’s aesthetics It’s also available in carbon black and mineral white colour options too.

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Carbon Black Mineral White Titanium Grey

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KEF's innovative Technology

Internally, we’ve got KEF’s innovative Uni-core driver technology, which is a completely fresh outlook on traditional force-cancelling arrangements. The KC62’s twin 6.5” driver array is combined by a single magnet system with the voice coils specifically arranged. Allowing this sub to cut down its cabinet size by over a third whilst still delivering unmatched size-defying bass. 

We also have KEF’s unique take on driver surround. Inspired by origami, this is what KEF call P-flex surround. meaning that this subwoofer is better designed to handle acoustic cabinet pressure than other subwoofers currently on the market. It’s a lightweight solution which lets the driver move with more precision and gives you a much deeper bass extension.


KEF’s Smart Distortion Control Technology is also busy working in the background to make sure audio clarity is at its peak. Ensuring you can experience accurate and less coloured low-end performance.

KEF have also used their Music Integrity Engine, which makes the most of digital signal processing algorithms like iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) and SmartLimiter to ensure every component of the subwoofer works in complete harmony. 

Finally, In terms of amplification, the KC62’s twin drivers are powered by two built in 500w RMS Class-D amplifiers which work together to provide the perfectly controlled and sudden bursts of power necessary to enjoy even the most hectic audio from your favourite films, TV shows, or soundtracks.  



When it comes to connectivity, it's not lacking in this department either. It’s a versatile sub that can do it all. We’ve got line level and speaker level inputs which means it can be connected to any amplifier. Whilst line output with HPF allows for perfectly fine-tuned integration. The KC62 is also compatible with the KEF KW1 adapter kit so you can enjoy hassle-free wireless listening too. 

If that isn’t enough, the subwoofer's pre-set placement equalisation feature also means you can expect exceptional performance regardless of where you choose to put it. So, go ahead, place it in the corner of your room, next to the wall or even tucked into your cabinet. The KC62 subwoofer is versatile enough to adapt and deliver great performance regardless.

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