Our Best Audio and TV picks for the 2021 Summer of Sport

With the Euros, Tokyo Olympics, Wimbledon and more taking place over the next couple of months, it’s certainly shaping up to be the Summer of brilliant sport. We’ve selected our top picks of the top TV and Soundbar offers for making your Living Room the place to be this summer, giving spectacular sporting moments the brilliant audio or visual performance they deserve. 

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Sony Bravia A80J 

At a Glance:

Price: £1899 - £3999

Screen Type: OLED

Top Features: Bravia XR Processor, XR Motion Clarity, Acoustic Surface Audio +

Why it's Summer of Sport ready:

OLED ensures contrast is bright and detail is crisp and clear, meaning you won't miss a player, ball or athlete no matter how panned-out the camera is.



A80J Lifestyle

Now is also the perfect time to purchase one of Sony’s brand new for 2021 OLED screens, to make sure every match, event or competition is given the reception it deserves with a crystal clear picture. We love the Sony Bravia A80J because even as their entry-level OLED panel, you'll benefit from deeper blacks and brighter lights, XR Clarity for close to 4K quality no matter what the source and XR Motion Clarity to ensure that no player or athlete looks blurry no matter how zoomed out the picture is. Acoustic Surface Audio + positions sound directly in the centre of the screen, with a front-facing subwoofer to add greater depth and dynamism.

Want to go one step further? Check out Sony’s flagship “Best Ever OLED”  - the Bravia XR A90J

Sonos Arc

At a Glance:

Price: £799

Codec Supported: Dolby Atmos

Connectivity: Apple Airplay, Wifi 

Why it's Summer of Sport ready:

A wide, dynamic soundstage will make you feel like you're in the stadium even if you're sat on the sofa



Sonos Arc Lifestyle

Great audio is sure to make your viewing experience more immersive no matter what you’re watching. Whether you’re a sports fan, movie buff or music aficionado; the Sonos Arc complete with 11 custom internal drivers, Dolby Atmos Surround Sound and Trueplay tuning could be the perfect addition to your TV set up this Summer.  

Sonos Roam

At a Glance:

Price: £159

Battery Life: 10+ Hours

Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth

Why it's Summer of Sport ready:

Group with your Sonos Soundbar inside the house to bring all the excitement of the big game outside. 



Sonos Roam

It may seem out of place that the Roam has made this list seeing as it’s a portable speaker, but picture this: It’s a beautiful sunny day but you’re struggling to take your eyes away from the screen. Be it your favourite team about to make it through to the next round or a gold medal about to be won, you won’t need to miss any of the action even if you’re out in the garden as the Sonos Roam can wirelessly group with your Sonos Soundbar inside the house. Whether it’s the cheers for a goal or the all-important first serve, you won't miss a thing even if you're sat away from the TV.

With Digital Radio Stations free to access on the Sonos App and Bluetooth 5.0 inbuilt, you’ll be able to tune in to the big game wherever you are. 

Sony Bravia X95J

At a Glance:

Price: £3499 - £4499

Screen Type: Full-Array LED

Top Features: XR Contrast Booster, Bravia XR Processor, X-Wide Viewing Angle

Why it's Summer of Sport ready:

Full-Array LED and X-Wide Viewing Angle on a larger screen size ensure you won't miss a thing!



Sony X95J

Cycling back to TVs, the Sony Bravia X95J is not only new for 2021, but is packed with loads of features making it one of the best Full-Array LED TVs available at the moment. Boasting Sony’s coveted Cognitive Processor XR, the X95J will offer excellent Full-array contrast, clarity, motion and audio courtesy of Acoustic Multi-Audio + Subwoofer technology. Available in larger 75” and 85” screen sizes, the X95J is the perfect companion to the big game, allowing everyone to crowd round and get a perfect view of the screen no matter where they’re sat courtesy of X-Wide Viewing Angle. 

You’ll also receive a free £50 Playstation Store Voucher if ordering before the 31st July!

Sony Bravia X90J

At a Glance:

Price: £1249 - £2599

Screen Type: Full-Array LED

Top Features: Bravia XR Processor, XR Contrast Booster, XR 4K Upscaling

Why it's Summer of Sport ready:

Get the best of Full-Array LED screen quality at a lower price point and in a wide range of screen sizes, so that any size of room can enjoy all the sport 2021 has to offer. 



Sony X90J

Another brilliant Full-Array LED TV rounds off our top products for the Summer of Sports list, and with XR Contrast Booster, XR Upscaling and 4K LED HDR performance it’s easy to see why this is such a great choice. Available in a range of sizes from 50” up, the Sony Bravia X90J offers Acoustic Multi Audio technology for an audio output that’s deserving of the suspense and drama that comes with big sporting moments. 

You’ll also receive a free £50 Playstation Store Voucher if ordering before the 31st July 2021!

We hope you've found this rundown of our Top TV and Soundbar offers that are perfect for the upcoming sporting Summer we've got lined up. Whether or not your favourite team or athlete wins, you'll be able to watch in style and make your Living Room the place to be this sunny season. If you do need any further help or assistance, please feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service advisers at info@smarthomesounds.co.uk, our online Live Chat service or 0800 677 1100.