Pimp your sonos speakers with these Sonos accessories

If you already own a Sonos speaker at home, you might agree that it sounds great, looks great and is a breeze to control.

All homes are different however, and sometimes the layout can make it tricky to get speakers installed.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of Sonos accessories available to make your Sonos speakers work for you. Some, you may have heard of, some you may not.

Either way, we have collated a list of all of our favourite Sonos accessories we’re making use of in 2021.

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1. Floor Stands for Sonos One, One SL or Play:1

Floor-Stand-for-Sonos-One sonos-one-sl-surrounds sonos-one-sl-surround-sound
Brand Sonos, Flexson, Nova, Mountson
Suitable for Sonos One, One SL, PLAY:1
Price £119.99 - £199 per pair
Available in Black & White

Sometimes, it’s not easy to decide where to position your speakers in your room. You need to consider space and accessibility to a nearby power supply.

The most common difficulty is finding a suitable space for speakers in surround sound setups for living rooms.

However, Sonos, as well as other accessory brands like Flexson, Mountson and Nova have designed a convenient set of floor-stands perfectly colour-matched and material-matched to your Sonos One, One SL or Play:1 speaker, so you don’t have to worry about this.

They have been designed to stand at an ideal listening height and have a discreet cable management system that keeps cables out of view.

These floor stands are suitable for both carpets and hard floors and Flexson have also crafted an adjustable version if you have awkwardly shaped furniture.


2. Sonos Shelf for Sonos One, One SL or Play:1

sonos-one-shelf-bedroom Sonos-One-Shelf-Lifestyle
Brand Sonos
Suitable for  Sonos One, One SL, PLAY:1
Price £59.95 each
Available in Black & White

We love these little shelf units built for the Sonos One, One SL and Play:1 at £59.95 per shelf.

They're a great space saver for something like a bedroom and saves you needing to purchase an end table on either side of the bed as there is a small amount of space left after the speaker has been positioned for glasses or a small clock.

Plus, they can be perfectly colour matched to your speaker.

They would also be perfect in a surround sound scenario in your living room if you can't find surface space behind your sofa.

View Sonos Shelf (£59.95)

3. Sonos One Desk Stand by Flexson

sonos-one-desktop-speaker sonos-one-desk-stand
Brand Flexson, Nova
Suitable for Sonos One, One SL, PLAY:1
Price £24.99
Available in Black & White

We love the Desk stand accessory made by our friends at Flexson. It is custom-designed for the Sonos One, One SL or Play:1 to sit firmly in place at the optimal listening height on your desk, bedside table or shelf.

At only £24.99, we think this is the perfect companion to a Sonos One especially if you have one in your bedroom, study or other smaller sized rooms.

View Sonos One / Play:1 Desk Stand (£24.99)

Check out our video below which contains all the other accessories that are available for the Sonos One:

4. Mounting Accessories for Sonos Beam or Sonos Arc

There are probably hundreds of different TV setups out there, but if you’ve opted for the Sonos Beam or the Sonos Arc, Flexson, Sonos, Mountson and others have a bespoke set of accessories, with neat cable management, whatever your TV set up.

Find your closest TV set up below and the available wall mounting options for each manufacturer and their prices.

Sonos Arc

Sonos Arc Sub Lifestyle Sonos Arc soundbar white Sonos Arc wall mounted
I'd like to wall mount the Arc underneath the TV
Flexson Sonos Nova Mountson
Flexson wall mount for Sonos Arc (£59.00 Sonos wall mount for Sonos Arc (£69.00) Nova wall mount for Sonos Arc (£42.95) Mountson wall mount for Sonos Arc (£45.00)
My TV is wall-mounted already and I'd like to attach the Arc
Flexson Sanus Mountson
Flexson TV mount attachment for Sonos Arc (£89.00) Sanus Extendable TV mount for Sonos Arc (£99.00) Mountson TV mount attachment for Sonos Arc (£85.00)

We don't stock any options that allow you to mount both the TV and Sonos Arc on the same mechanism, but any of the TV mount attachment options above will work well with a TV bracket for this purpose. We stock a range of Hama & Sanus Wall mount options that could be used in conjunction with our Arc TV Mount Attachments.


Sonos Beam

flexson-adjustable-wall-mount-sonos-beam Beam Lifestyle
I'd like to wall-mount the Beam underneath the TV
Flexson Mountson Sonos
Flexson wall mount for Sonos Beam (£49.00) Mountson wall mount for Sonos Beam (£45.00) Sonos wall mount for Sonos Beam (£59.00)
My TV is wall-mounted already and I'd like to attach the soundbar to the wall mount
Flexson TV mount attachment for Sonos Beam (£79.99)
I'd like to wall-mount both my TV and soundbar on the same mechanism
Flexson cantilever mount for TV & Sonos Beam (£179)

5. Sonos Move wall mounts/floor stands​

sonos-move-wall-mount sonos-move-floorstand
Brand Flexson Mountson
Suitable for Sonos Move Sonos Move
Price Wall mount: £29 | Floor stand: £149 Wall mount: £25 | Premium Wall mount: £20
Available in Black Black

If you have taken advantage of Sonos premium portable speaker, Both Flexson and Mountson have come up with innovative accessories for the Sonos Move - a variety of wall mounts and a floor stand.

The Flexson Sonos Move wall mount (£29.99) and Mountson Sonos Move wall mount (£25) are particularly useful if you want a central place the Move is always put back to after it's been moved around. The shape of the mount is like a hook for the Move so it can sit securely on the mount.

The speaker can easily be removed whenever you want to take it away.

SHS Tip: if you want to create a permanent wall-mounting solution for the Sonos Move, why not build a shelf underneath so you can keep the Move on its charging base at all times. It may also be useful to place a power socket close by for the charging base for a neat aesthetic.

The floor stand for the Sonos Move (£149.99) integrates the charging base with the Move so it can sit permanently on the floor stand if required, or can be removed easily without needing to disconnect anything.

View all Sonos Move accessories

6. Accessories for your Sonos Amp

flexson-dock-sonos-amp Sonos-Amp-accessories flexson-multi-fit-wall-mount
Brand Flexson
Suitable for Sonos Amp
Price Single wall mount: £49 | Dock: £159 | Multi-fit wall mount: £179
Available in Black

If you're using the Sonos Amp to power your entertainment, there are 3 accessories available, made by Flexson to make the most of the space you have.

Whether it's a single Sonos Amp you have or 4, you can mount your Amps to the wall or even on a dock (a bit like a filing cabinet!)

Check out our dedicated Sonos Amp accessory blog

View all Sonos Amp accessories

7. Get the “feeling” of music back again by adding a turntable

new-sonos-port beginners-guide-to-turntables sonos-Amp-turntable

That’s why turntables are growing more popular still today. There is something special and unique about physically owning a vinyl from your favourite artist, taking it out of the sleeve and spinning it on a deck like the good old days.Granted - streaming music as described in point 6 is exceptionally convenient and quick, but you’ll never feel as close to the music tapping on the song name as you would spinning a vinyl.

And the great thing about it is that Sonos makes it so easy to integrate a turntable to your set up. With our Sonos-ready turntable packages, we include everything you need in one bundle to connect to a Sonos component with a line-in.

We have a selection of turntables from our favourite brands such as Rega, Audio-Technica and Sony for their heritage, build quality and design.

Find out how easy it is to add a turntable to your Sonos system as well as our favourite tips to get the most out of the system.

View our Turntables section

8. Extension Cables for your Sonos Speaker


You've just found the perfect position for your speaker but there are no power sockets in sight.

Flexson's extension cables can provide you with an extra 5 metres of cable length giving you a total of 6.5m to find your nearest power socket.

They even come in a colour choice of black or white so they don't ruin the aesthetics of your room.

View extension cable for Sonos One, One SL or Play:1 >>

View extension cable for all other Sonos speakers >>

9. Flexson Mountable Travel Cover for Sonos Roam

Brand Flexson
Suitable for Sonos Roam
Price £19.99
Available in Black only

The mountable travel cover for the Sonos Roam from our friends at Flexson is an innovative way of protecting the Roam on your adventures while being able to be secured to your backpack or bike at the same time.

It comes with a carabiner clip so it can be strapped to almost anything and makes it the ultimate accessory for the Sonos Roam portable speaker this year.


10. Sonos Roam Wireless Charger

Brand Sonos
Suitable for Sonos Roam
Price £44
Available in Black / White

You are only provided with a charging cable with the Sonos Roam box and not a power plug which is becoming increasingly common with portable speakers.

That means you will need to source your own power plug to charge the Roam. You'll need to be specific though as the Roam won't charge with any old power plug. It'll need to be 5V which means a regular phone charger won't be enough.

If you don't have a 5V power plug and you'd like the most convenient method of charging, the Sonos Roam wireless charger lets the Roam dock on to the station magnetically and charges the Roam in the quickest time.

The official wireless charger is £44 but we do have cheaper options available like our own 5v power plug (£12.49) or an alternative wireless charger from Hama (£9.99).

View Sonos Roam wireless charger


Bonus Accessory: Sonos Boost

sonos-bridge-or-boost sonos-boost sonos-boost

Sonos uses your WiFi connection to play music. If you know you don’t experience any WiFi problems at home, Sonos will connect wirelessly without any issues.

However, if you live in a remote area where the signal is weak, or your router is just not the best, a Sonos Boost will dramatically improve the reliability of your Sonos speakers.

Using a Sonos Boost is always the best practice if you have multiple Sonos speakers around the home, as this will free up space for your other WiFi devices.

For all things Sonos Boost, why not check out our YouTube video below on whether you need one in your Sonos system.

View Sonos Boost (£99)

View our Sonos accessories section >>

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