Sony's award-winning X95J TV Review & Comparison - is it right for you?

We’ll be reviewing and comparing Sony’s top Full-Array LED in their 2021 range, the Sony Bravia XR X95J. We aim to cut through some of the jargon used to describe this award-winning full array so that you can determine if it’s going to be the right fit for your home. If Youtube's more your thing, we've also compiled this handy video review allowing you to see the X95J's features in action: 


X95J Features

Sony X95J What do these features mean?
Display Type BRAVIA XR Full-Array LED The display uses stunning 4K pictures combined with XR Contrast boost to offer brighter brights and darker darks, meaning fewer details are lost in the picture. X-Wide Angle ensures the picture can be enjoyed from any angle, perfect for awkward shaped rooms or corner TV positioning. The picture is displayed as perceived by the human eye for a more engaging image.
Picture Processor Cognitive Processor XR The Cognitive XR Processor understands how the human brain hears and perceives images, this results in a more true-to-life image.
Sound Technology Acoustic Multi-Audio This technology uses two sound positioning tweeters, two front-facing speakers and an integrated subwoofer that simulates sound from the centre of the screen, meaning the sound to follow the action.
Available Sizes 65", 75", 85"
Price Range  RRP £1999, £3199 &  £4499
(see the product page for up to date pricing)



The elegant one-slate design with a seamless edge bezel ensures all your focus remains on the screen. The X95J has been designed to look and sound exceptional no matter its placement, whether you wall mount it, or have it stood on the multi-positional stand.

The 3-way stand design does give you the flexibility of positioning the TV in a standard, narrow or soundbar setting. Cable management on the back of the TV keeps cables neatly hidden and the area clutter-free.


Picture Quality & Features

The X95J incorporates industry-leading technology for a stunning 4K picture.

Features Features explained
XR Colour Allows for a wider colour pallet with extended hue and vivid shades for a more realistic image.
XR Contrast Enhances pictures so brights are brighter and darks are darker.
XR Clarity Enables a clearer image no matter what you’re watching with 4K upscaling and intelligently recreating lost textures.
XR Motion Ensures the image stays smooth, bright and clear even when displaying fast content like sports.
X-Wide angle If viewing off-axis the picture will be as clear as if viewing head-on. Perfect for corner positioning and odd-shaped rooms.
X-Anti Reflection Means pictures are clear with minimum light reflection, so great for brighter rooms.


What we love: The different screen technologies supported by the XR cognitive processor really enhances the picture to give a more realistic and engaging image.


Who is it for? The X-Anti reflection combined with XR contrast means this TV will work well in brighter rooms. XR Motion makes the X95J a perfect TV for sports fans and those who love watching fast-paced movies, as you won't suffer from blurring or buffering! For those who have an off-axis seating position, the X-Wide angle ensures the seating position doesn’t compromise the image.

Great for bright rooms

Suitable for off-axis seating positions

Perfect for sports and action movie fans

Who’s it not for? There’s no denying there’s some incredible technology packed into the X95J but sadly, there’s not a huge selection of screen sizes and you’re limited to 65", 75" & 85". If you require a smaller screen size with a Full-Array LED screen, we'd highly recommend the 50" Sony Bravia X90J


Sound Quality

Sound Positioning Tweeters
X-Balanced Speakers
3D Upscaling
There are two sound positioning tweeters at the back of the TV that allow the sound to pass across the screen for a more true-to-life experience. Two full-range X-Balanced speakers also boost the audio performance along with a separate subwoofer, which is not something you get in the model below (X90J). 3D Surround Upscaling will upscale your standard stereo or 5.1 channel audio to 5.1.2 to offer both surround and height channels.


Will I need a Soundbar with the Sony X95J?

The features listed above go some way to making impressive TV audio, but there’s only so much technology that can be packed into such a slim TV, so a soundbar will always give you a better experience.
I would recommend to anyone buying this TV to try it first before taking the plunge for a soundbar. But if you want to heighten your experience and add a Dolby Atmos compatible bar, we highly recommend the Sonos Arc, which is perfect for a large TV screen.

FACT: Acoustic Auto-Calibration uses the built-in mic in the remote and optimises the acoustics for the room, so the TV audio always gives you the purest sound for your room.



Sony X95J
Samsung QN90A Sony X95J Sony X90J


The Samsung QN90A will likely provide better contrast with deeper blacks thanks to its Quantum Matrix screen technology that makes the Full-Array LEDs backlighting the TV's pixels smaller than those in the X95J. Having said that, the X95J does offer an overall more true-to-life experience as well as a greater improvement in local dimming, making your viewing experience more rounded as a whole.

What do I get from upgrading from the X90J? You’ll receive a step up in performance with the contrast as well as an added slim subwoofer for extra bass. X-Wide Angle is also introduced for a more crisp image when viewing off-axis.



The X95J is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want an OLED but still wants a high performing TV, as this is the top of the Full-Array range from Sony without going into OLED territory. We know some customers might not want to stretch their budget to an OLED, so if that’s the case, the X95J is a great pick. The only thing that might let this TV down is the lack of smaller screen sizes, so if you’re looking for a smaller screen look no further than the Sony X90J.

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