A new SOnos app and OS could be the dawn of some exciting features

There’s been some interesting developments at Sonos HQ recently. 

On the 17th March 2020, Sonos announced they are releasing a new version of their app in June, named S2 which will come with a number of new features and even a new operating system.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about it and how it will affect you.

What is Sonos S2 and what’s changing?


Sonos S2 is a new re-designed Sonos app which all of their modern and future products will be using from June 2020.

Some of the changes include the app being faster and more secure as well as general usability improvements based on user-based feedback such as an improved room grouping function.

Sonos have also mentioned that high-resolution audio will be supported on modern and future products with the updates. Currently, Sonos downscale hi-res audio to CD quality which is more than enough for most people, but those who pay a premium for Deezer Elite, Tidal Hi-Fi or Amazon Music HD will be able to benefit from better audio quality going forward. 

Finally, Sonos are making some personalisation updates in the future where your system can be fully customised based on certain criteria so music (and type of music) will start playing when certain conditions are triggered. The speakers will also play more of a part in day-to-day sounds such as doorbells and other smart devices around your home. There will be more news on this as it develops.

Rumoured Sonos S2 App improvements/developments

Please note, some of the below is rumoured & have not yet been confirmed by Sonos

  • A more visually engaging App experience 
  • Support for high-resolution audio
  • Sonos TV speakers gain support for Dolby Atmos 
  • Home grouping - the ability to group multiple speakers into set zones 
  • A better search experience 


Which Sonos products will be supported on S2?

Unfortunately, not all Sonos products will be supported on the new software. 

At the start of 2020, Sonos announced that certain products over a certain age had reached their limit in terms of memory and processing power, due to the fast pace that software has developed over the years and could no longer support future software updates.

These products are classed as “legacy” products and will not be supported in the S2 app. The full list of products that can and cannot be supported by S2 is detailed in the image below.


We have outlined the various situations you may be in with your Sonos system below as well as solutions so you can be clear of your options.

I have only modern Sonos products

There is nothing you need to do. Your products will move to the new S2 app when it’s available and you’ll benefit from all the new features that Sonos have to offer.

I have legacy products in my system

There are various options available if you have any 1 legacy product in your Sonos system.

1. Remove the legacy product from your system, perhaps by privately selling it or gifting it to a family member / friend.

2. Take advantage of the Trade Up scheme offered by Sonos and authorised retailers such as ourselves and save 30% on a new Sonos speaker of your choice. The legacy product will need to be removed from your system to receive future software updates on your modern products. Find out more about the Trade Up scheme

3. Split your system into two and use both the S1 and S2 app to control your setup. The S1 will have your legacy products on and the S2 will have your modern products on. Your products will remain on your WiFi as active speakers, but your modern products cannot be grouped with your legacy products and vice versa. 

4. Take no action and continue exactly as you have been without updating to the new S2 ap when it arrives. Your entire system will not get any better with software updates with the exception of bug fixes and security updates, however the speakers will continue to work.

It’s important to know that all products released from April 2020 will only be compatible with the new S2 app. 

If you would like to go with option 2 and trade up any of your products, please visit our blog for further instructions or contact us about how to get your 30% discount code.

See below which features will be available to you depending on which version of the app you'll have.


What’s our take on it?

Sonos, as well as many other speaker companies, are in an industry that is evolving very rapidly because their speakers are essentially connected to the internet. As such, we as consumers need to put a certain element of trust in tech companies that their hardware architecture will be good enough to support future software developments made by third-parties.

Sonos’ track record for the average lifespan of their speakers is about 10 years which is impressive compared to smartphones, laptops and wireless networks.

In exchange for that trust, we get a lot of exciting smart features that standard, wired speakers will never be able to achieve. For example, listening to the same music everywhere in perfect sync or adding the latest voice assistant as a software update.

While the move to a new app is a fork in the road from Sonos’ older products to their newer ones, it does show Sonos’ ambition to remain at the forefront of smart speakers and we can expect a raft of new exciting products and features in the coming months.

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