Iconic speaker brand, Marshall, have been working hard behind the scenes on a brand new speaker to add to their collection of wireless, smart speakers for the home.

It’s called the Marshall Uxbridge voice and will be shipping for an attractive price of £169 and is now available in a choice of black or white colour options.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Amazon Alexa built-in

The Uxbridge will come with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant on board, thanks to a dual far-field microphone array. 

You can control music from your favourite music services, ask questions or take advantage of Alexa multi-room if you have other Alexa-enabled speakers around your home.

Marshall has promised that a separate Google Assistant version will be coming in June 2020 for those that wish to take advantage of the Google ecosystem.

AirPlay 2

As well as Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect and voice, the Uxbridge will add Apple’s AirPlay 2 as a method of casting any sound from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

AirPlay 2 comes as a welcome addition, as we felt this is the one feature that is missing from their most recent collection of home speakers.

Redesigned top panel controls


The previous version 2 home speakers came with analogue control knobs on the top, similar to a traditional Marshall guitar amplifier, however, the Uxbridge comes with “volume rockers” acting like sliders. 

You still get the same Bass and Treble controls that we’re used to seeing on Marshall speakers.

A microphone mute button can also be found on the top for complete privacy, as well as a play / pause / skip button. 

Multi-Room Ready

Marshall Uxbridge can be used as part of a whole home multi-room audio system. Easily use with Amazon Echo and other supported Alexa built-in speakers or Airplay 2 enabled speakers. Wirelessly play different songs in each room or bring it all together and play the same song throughout the entire home. Simply start with one speaker and build your system over time.



The Marshall Uxbridge rocks a pair of 30W amplifiers for the tweeter and the woofer and is a mono speaker.

It is designed to be enjoyed on its own as you cannot stereo pair the Uxbridge. 

We know that Marshall speakers have a really warm sound signature with crisp vocals, making them perfect little speakers if you’re into indie, rock or alternative. 


Stay tuned for our more in-depth review once we’ve had a chance to spend some more time with the Marshall Uxbridge.

The Uxbridge will be shipping on 8th April 2020 so make sure you’re following us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter so you can be reminded as soon as the product is available.