Marshall Bluetooth Speakers, the epitome of style and easy functionality

Encompassing British Heritage, exceptional sound and now the option to stream via bluetooth; we simply couldn’t resist adding Marshall bluetooth speakers to our range.

The Brand of Marshall 

From the brand’s inception during the rebellious Sixties’ music scene, Marshall has grown vastly in size from the early days of founder Jim Marshall’s music store opening in Uxbridge Road, London. In the early 60s, the UK rock scene demanded more suitable amplification equipment to play bigger and louder shows. This lead to Marshall and team developing their first Guitar Amp in 1962.

Given the apt moniker ‘Number One’, their first Amplifier attracted 23 orders on its first day alone; foreshadowing successes to come. This burgeoning popularity saw early customers of such calibre as Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend of the Who and Eric Clapton, with the former voicing in 1967 that Marshall Amps could be beaten by “nothing in the whole world”.

Moving forward through history, Marshall Amplifiers have been a centre piece in the shows of music greats as varied as Alice Cooper, Oasis and Lana Del Rey. Marshall 100-watt Stacks, the tradition of pairing multiple amplifiers to achieve the loudest possible in-concert sound, have become an iconic feature of rock and roll music. Many bands and artists still feature 100-watt Stacks in their set decoration to this day, despite amps becoming much smaller and more compact over time. This serves as a testament to the longevity and desirability of the Marshall image.

This rich history, spanning over 50 years, has rightfully made Marshall a giant of the British and World music scene and we’re happy to now name them among our products. 


Why now?

Alongside Sonos, we love to showcase the best of British audio performance in our product catalogue. Brands such as Bowers & Wilkins and Rega offer customers that slice of UK music heritage, and we see Marshall as no exception.

   “Music is at the heart of everything we do” - Marshall 

Traditional Marshall Amplifiers are truly beautiful pieces of equipment and although we echo the sentiment quoted above, we don’t feel they fit in with our product range ethos here at Smart Home Sounds. We aim to offer our customers the best choice of speakers that provide great sound and move away from the traditional set-up of receivers and separates. 

So why now? In 2016, Marshall developed their first programmable Bluetooth Amplifier and their journey into smart components hasn’t stopped there. They define themselves as innovators in the field and their advance into smart audio has solidified their commitment to a new generation of musicians and music lovers. 

They are, however, true to their roots by ensuring brand history is embedded into everything they do. For example, newer speakers in the range, such as the Stockwell II and Acton II, are named after significant locations in Marshall’s past. 

We love this mix of modern functionality with old school nostalgia and think the Marshall brand is likely to appeal to a wide range of of our customers who value great sound and style. If you’d like to take a closer look at some of the Marshall speakers we offer, please follow the link below:

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Marshall Features we love

We’ve listed a few of the reasons why we just had to include Marshall speakers in our line up. Effortless style, easy bluetooth and voice assistant control accompanied with new portable options make the Marshall range one to consider when making your next speaker purchase. 


Even in 2019, both fashion and interior design are influenced heavily by retro styles of the previous century. We can see Marshall speakers fitting nicely within both modern apartments and older properties, bringing a bit of vintage charm to any room. 

Brand history is embedded in everything they do. It’s easy to see how newer Marshall speakers draw on their own past, with the Bluetooth models’ metal grille, Marshall branding and leather-style casing evoking memories of iconic Guitar Amps and legendary rock and roll performers. 


Though we love the vintage feel of Marshall speakers, you definitely aren’t restricted by a dated control method or set up. All Marshall bluetooth speakers run a minimum of the latest Bluetooth Code, 5.0, meaning you’ll benefit from the most solid connection available and pairing distances of up to 30 feet. 

Bluetooth 5.0 also allows two devices to be paired with the speaker at any one time. When listening with a friend you both benefit from easy bluetooth control meaning there’s no need to fight over the honour of being party DJ. 

Voice Support

In-built microphone arrays and voice assistant capability have more recently become the benchmark for a truly ‘Smart’ speaker. Both the Marshall Acton II and Stanmore II provide users with the option to control music through the simplicity of speech. This adds a new level of easy usability to the Marshall range and paired with exceptional sound quality we can see these two speakers being very popular additions to the Smart Home Sounds range.

You’re given the option of using either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Make sure you opt for the right model that supports your chosen voice assistant, as there are different versions of the Acton II and Stanmore II for each. Chromecast can also be used with these speakers, facilitating an extra entry point to easy control that benefits Android device users. 


In 2019 Marshall have released an updated, portable line of speakers that allow you to take the music wherever you want. The compact Stockwell II, Kilburn II and even the big and bassy Tufton can all be taken away from home and used on the go. 

Boasting an impressive 60 hour battery life, you’ll be able to keep the tunes rolling long into the night. You also benefit from a design that has been keenly considered. All three feature a stylish leather-look handle with contrasting velvet lining; perfectly accenting the timeless Guitar Amp features. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick trip through Marshall history and the reasons why we think Marshall Bluetooth speakers are deserving of their spot in our line-up. Please get in touch via email at or live chat on our website if you have any burning questions about our new Marshall range.

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