We review the new JBL Flip 6

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4 star rating

Here at Smart Home Sounds, retaining all of the things we loved about previous Flip models is really important - through our JBL Flip 6 review we have found they have added some handy new features including an upgraded Bluetooth version and IP67 weather rating. If you're new to the JBL range or wanted to add another speaker to your collection, we think the JBL Flip 6 is definitely one to look out for.


Upgraded driver power individually controls the tweeter and bass driver for 50% higher wattage power

IP67 weather rating to protect against both water and dust

Greater connectivity range of 40m

JBL Portable App now features adjustable EQ settings 


May want to upgrade to the Charge 5 due to larger drivers, bigger battery life and inbuilt USB device charging

No speakerphone or line-in connection input


Replacing the JBL Flip 5 is no easy feat. With its impressive 20-watt racetrack-shaped driver, 12-hour battery life and IPX7 waterproof rating it’s hard to see where JBL feel it needs improving. We have pulled together a JBL Flip 6 review to the test to see whether it’s worth upgrading from your current Flip model, or even whether it's a worthy investment as a brand new customer.

Article Breakdown:

How does the JBL Flip 6 compare to the Flip 5 and Flip 4?

We’ve compared the new JBL Flip 6 with its two immediate predecessors, the Flip 5 and JBL Flip 4. Both have proved extremely popular, so what is it about the Flip 6 that makes it so special?

JBL Flip 4 png JBL Flip 5 Png JBL Flip 6 Png
JBL Flip 4 JBL Flip 5 JBL Flip 6
Original Release Date 2017 2019 2021
Weight 0.51kg 0.54kg 0.55kg
Dimensions 68 x 175 x 70mm 69 x 180 x 74mm 68 x 178 x 72mm
Price £119.99 (discontinued) £119.99 (currently reduced to £99) £129.99
Bluetooth Version 4.2 4.2 5.1
Driver Design Dual 40mm drivers Dual 44mm drivers 16mm Dome Tweeter, 45x80mm Bass Driver and 2x passive radiators
Output Power 2x 8W 20W 20W RMS for woofer, 10W RMS for tweeter
Battery Life 12 hours 12 hours 12 hours
Charging Time 3.5 hours 2.5 hours 2.5 hours
IP Rating IPX7 Rating IPX7 Rating IP67 Rating
PartyBoost or Connect+ JBL Connect+ PartyBoost PartyBoost



What new features does the JBL Flip 6 have?

You might be left wondering what all these new features mean for day-to-day use of the Flip 6. We've broken down the most important additions below so that you're best equipped to decide whether the Flip 6 is for you.

IP67 Weather Rating

As the Flip 6 is a portable speaker, it’s important that it’s well geared towards exposure to the elements. Both the Flip 5 and Flip 6 are capable of withstanding submersion in water for up to half an hour, meaning either are a safe bet for use in the bathroom or next to the pool. JBL have taken it one step further for the Flip 6, however, with complete protection from dust ingress - perfect for a day at the beach or a dusty camping trip.

Audio Quality

Whilst the Flip 6 doesn’t totally overhaul the original design, JBL has elevated the acoustic architecture for a more refined sound than the Flip 4 and 5. JBL’s signature racetrack-shaped driver has been utilised in the Flip 6 design, but this is now paired with a separate tweeter and dual passive radiators to offer some extra detail, clarity and power. The woofers and driver are also separately powered with 20W total power afforded to the former and 10W to the latter, offering a 50% total wattage power increase when compared to the Flip 5. 

As a first for the Flip line up you can now also adjust the EQ settings on the Flip 6 within the JBL Portable App. This allows you to tweak the bass, mids and treble to unlock the perfect sound for your taste.

JBL Flip 6 lifestyle JBL Flip 6 blue lifestyle
Bluetooth 5.1

One of the most notable differences between the JBL Flip 6 and Flip 5 is its upgraded Bluetooth capability. Jumping from Bluetooth 4.2 to 5.1, the new JBL Flip 6 now offers a higher maximum speed, longer connection range and greater energy efficiency. The upgraded connection range is of particular note here, as you’ll be able to connect to the Flip 6 from a range of around 40m compared to the roughly 10m range of the Flip 4 and 5.


Ever so slightly longer than the Flip 5, the Flip 6 retains the same slim, cylindrical profile and monochrome design. With rubberised end caps, power buttons and control panel, you can be confident that the Flip 6 will survive a bit of rough handling. We like the updated logo bringing it closer to the design of the Charge 5, with the JBL logo taking centre stage on the front grille of the speaker.

The new Flip 6 has been released in a wider variety of colours, namely: Dusty Pink, Grey Stone, River Teal, Fiesta Red, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Steel White, Forest Green and Squad - an appealing camouflage design. You’re sure to find something you like amongst this selection.

JBL Flip 6 Dusty Pink JBL Flip 6 Png JBL Flip 6 River Teal JBL Flip 6 Fiesta Red JBL Flip Ocean Blue
JBL Flip 6 Midnight Black JBL Flip 6 Steel White JBL Flip 5 Forest Green JBL Flip 6 Squad

Is the JBL Flip 6 worth the upgrade from the Flip 5?

Good question. If you’ve got the Flip 5, you’ll already be benefiting from a host of the same features built into the Flip 6 including 12-hour battery life, waterproof rating and racetrack driver design. If you only need a single portable speaker in your life and the Flip 4 or 5 is working well for you, it's probably not worth the upgrade. 

If you’re looking to add another speaker or make use of JBL’s PartyBoost feature, the JBL Flip 6 would be a worthy addition to your collection and offers some great new features that get the very best out of your streamed content.

How does the JBL Flip 6 compare to the Charge 5?

JBL Flip 6 Png JBL Charge 5 png
JBL Flip 6  JBL Charge 5
Original Release Date November 2021 February 2021
Weight 0.55kg 0.96kg
Dimensions 178 x 68 x 72mm 223 x 97 x 94mm
Internal Drivers  16mm Dome Tweeter, 45x80mm Bass Driver and 2x passive radiators 20mm Dome Tweeter, 52x90mm Bass Driver and 2x passive radiators
Price  £129.99 £159 (currently reduced to £144 in blue)
Bluetooth Version 5.1 5.1
Output Power 20W RMS for woofer, 10W RMS for tweeter 40W RMS
Battery Life 12 Hours 20 Hours
Charging Time 2.5 Hours 4 Hours
Capable of charging other devices
IP Rating IP67 IP67



Why go for the JBL Flip 6?

✓ You’re looking to stow your speaker away in a backpack to take it on hikes, bike rides and other adventures where a lower weight would be appreciated.

✓ Its smaller profile makes it better for travelling or smaller luggage as it takes up even less space in your suitcase or bag. 

✓ You are looking to maximise a smaller budget.

✓ You want the very latest speaker in the JBL range.

Why upgrade to the JBL Charge 5?

✓ You are looking for a bolder sound courtesy of the Charge 5’s 52x 90mm bass driver and dual 65mm passive bass radiators

✓ You’ll be taking the speaker on longer trips that require a longer total charge time

✓ The inbuilt charge bank will prove useful when out and about to charge your phone and other devices. 

✓ You have a little more to spend and want to opt for a larger and more capable speaker.

JBL Flip 6 black night lifestyle jbl-charge-5-waterproof

JBL Flip 6 vs. Bose Soundlink Flex

Another question we get asked a lot is how the JBL Flip 6 compares to one of its top competitors, the Bose Soundlink Flex. Both speakers boast an IP67 weather rating, physical button controls and a 12-hour battery life, but we do think each speaker differs slightly in who they would appeal to.

In our test, we loved the Bose Soundlink Flex but definitely think that each speaker carries its own merits and will suit a slightly different customer. We've outlined our top reasons to go for either speaker so that you can make the most informed decision for your needs.

Why buy the JBL Flip 6
Why buy the Bose Soundlink Flex
✓ More rugged design with rubberised end caps, perfect for outdoor use

✓ Adjustable EQ options to tailor the sound to your tastes

✓ Slimmer cylindrical design could be better for taking away

✓ PartyBoost feature allows you to pair other JBL speakers together, and use two Flip 6s in stereo

✓ Voice Assistant Control (native to smartphone) and speakerphone supported 

✓ Bassier sound signature is well suited to certain music styles

✓ The Bose Soundlink Flex floats, making it perfect for use around the pool

✓ Can be used with a Bose home system when using the Bose App

JBL Flip 6 skateboard blog image Bose Soundlink Flex Blog image

If you want to see more of our thoughts on the Bose Soundlink Flex, please watch our Bose Soundlink Flex: The King of Portable Speakers? video review.

Our Final Thoughts

In the world of portable Bluetooth speakers, it’s easy to see why JBL time and time again are considered the go-to. With colourful, durable designs and consistently good audio quality despite their compact form, JBL speakers remain an ever-popular choice and the JBL Flip 6 isn’t an outlier. 

If you’re new to the JBL range, the Flip 6 is a great place to start with the peace of mind of an IP67 rating, an updated driver design and a longer connection range courtesy of Bluetooth 5.1. Though some users may get more out of the Charge 5 and the differences aren’t quite pronounced enough to upgrade your Flip 4 or 5, we feel the JBL Flip 6 is a solid choice and worthy of its 4-star rating. 

4 star rating

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