With the latest Sonos 7.0 system update, all Sonos speakers can now be controlled direct from the Spotify app. This is a feature that Sonos users have been asking for, and its great its finally here. A big thumbs up from Smart home sounds.

Enjoy all the personalised Spotify playlists and other Spotify app-specific features you love, all without the need to open your Sonos app. You, of course, can still use the fantastic Sonos app to play your Spotify collection also.

How do I set this up…

Firstly, you will require the latest 7.0 Sonos software to be downloaded to your Sonos speakers. To check this, open up the Sonos app and tap the three lines in the top left corner. At the top of the menu bar, if an update is required, a message will be displayed to update your system. Tap this and follow the steps.

I have the latest Sonos 7.0 software but can see my Sonos speakers in the Spotify app.

No problem! Open the Sonos app and navigate to Settings. From here, tap the option: Control Sonos from Spotify. You will then follow some simple steps which will require you to input your Sonos password (not Spotify). If you have forgotten this, you can reset it from the steps taken in this process. Once this is done, the Sonos app will confirm everything is set up, and you will be all set to control your Sonos speaker from the Spotify app.

Don't stop the music wherever you go…

Easily switch from listening to Spotify on your headphones to listening on any Sonos speaker at home. Instantly share the song you've been listening too, and keep the music going.

Control rooms and volume

Send whatever song you're playing on Spotify to any of the Sonos speakers in your system. You can even group together all your rooms for the ultimate party mode.

Your friends will love it too

When friends visit and want you to share the latest tune they've discovered on Spotify, the days of huddling around their iPhone are gone (after all you are better than this). Your friends can now send their favourite songs and playlists direct to your Sonos speakers right from the Spotify app on their device.


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