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At Smart Home Sounds we think the gloss black Sonos SUB is a fantastic piece of technology with a great design. For most people the black only option is a perfect fit. 

No more barriers to earth-shaking cinema sound and fantastic music 

Occasionally, we do get asked if there is a white option for the Sonos SUB. It's a large speaker and may not fit into a certain room design / decor. This may be a barrier for sale for some and as everyone who owns a Sonos SUB will testify, this is a great shame as you are missing out on an amazing addition to your music & movie experience.

Is white the new black?

At Smart Home Sounds we love the finish of the gloss black SUB and didn't think the white option would make us consider changing our home setups. After seeing the new Sonos SUB in white, we certainly are tempted as it looks fantastic. Either way, it's great we can now offer our customer both colour options.

                                      Sonos white sub

                                         The White Sonos SUB was recently used in Kanye West's global pop-up stores

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When can I purchase the white sonos SUB

We will be taking pre-orders in October, so please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be the first in the queue. You will also be notified of all the latest Sonos news & offers.


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