Control your Sonos speakers from the Spotify App

If you prefer using the native Spotify app for browsing your account instead of the Sonos app integration, this new feature will be for you. From October (Beta), you will be able to select your favourite Sonos speaker from Spotify’s native app without opening your Sonos app. You will even be able to play music across multiple rooms, since all of your Sonos groups will appear inside the Spotify App. The Sonos app will also recognise the songs Spotify is playing, so if your friend is streaming a song you've never heard, you will be able to add it to your Spotify library easily.

“We’re excited to partner with Sonos and enhance the at home listening experience,” said Gustav Söderström, Chief Product Officer at Spotify. “Spotify listeners can now seamlessly transition their listening throughout the day from their headphones, to the car, to their computers, to their Sonos system at home with complete control of all their favourite Spotify features directly from the Spotify app.”

Native Spotify App control is launching in beta in October.

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