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At Smart Home Sounds we've been waiting for this feature for a while, and now its finally here 🙂

Sonos lock screen control

Quickly glance at your lock screen to see what track is playing in what room, control volume skip tracks. play & pause all without unlocking your phone. IOS 8.0 and higher required.

Better Sound When using napster & rhapsody

Sonos napster and Rhapsody sound improvement

Rhapsody and Napster now stream at higher bitrates (better quality). That’s geek squad speak for more bits of audio data coming through. Which translates into more vibrantly detailed sound. We’ve also given the user interface a little facelift to match the great sound.

Peak View...

Do you own an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? Gently press your Sonos app–Play, Favorites and Search controls appear. Once you’re in the app, swipe up for quick access to additional menus. You can use force touch to jump to any content in your Sonos app a lot faster than drilling down, screen by screen.

Trueplay Tuning Made Easier 

We love Trueplay Tuning at Smart Home Sounds and the new 6.3 update makes it even easier to Trueplay your speaker. If you’ve already Trueplay tuned your speaker and you haven’t moved it since, you won’t need to retune it after this update. If you haven’t tuned your speaker yet, this update will make it even easier.  What's Trueplay... 

Get Help even easier

You can now reach Customer Care directly from the Main Menu of your phone or tablet’s Sonos app. Got a question? Just tap Help.

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