Here at Smart Home Sounds we believe free software updates bring huge value to your Sonos system. Please see below for the great new features added in the Sonos 6.4 update.

Tap to Play

Simply tap a song on your phone or tablet and it will start instantly - no need to select Play Now or Play Next. Controlling your Sonos from a Mac or PC? Just double click to play.

Add songs quicker and easier

Adding your favourite songs to your Queue has slightly changed. Instead of tapping a song title to open up your listening options, simply touch the three dots instead (***) these now appear to the right of the song title. From selecting the 3 dots you can Play Now, Play Next, Add to End of Queue or … you decide!

Queue Protection

Any time you decide to play something new after editing your Queue, the app will prompt you so you can either Cancel and save the Queue as is, or go ahead and Play Anyway.

Play all or shuffle made easier 

These controls now appear at the top of the Album and Playlist screen. Tap Play All to enjoy the whole track list as listed. To shuffle, simply hit Shuffle All for a random mix up of your songs.

Room Grouping made easier

Want to send the playlist you’re listening to in the living room over to the kitchen? If you’ve got different songs playing in different rooms, the app will make sure you send the right song to the right room. That way your music never stops.

Triple Tap for instant replay

You can now tap the Play/Pause button on your speaker three times to restart the previous song in your Queue. If you're lucky enough to have the new PLAY:5 speakers, just swipe left over the touch controls - same result. Please note: Triple Tap only works with your Queue, and not when you’re listening to radio stations.


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