Decisions, Decisions

At Smart Home Sounds we love music services, and there’s no denying there are now some fantastic services available. Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal etc all have their unique selling points. For new customers, this can be an exciting time with most services offering lengthy free trial periods with Apple Music coming out on top with a 3-month free trial.

Playlist obsession

If you are anything like the staff at Smart Home Sounds you may have spent ages curating your favourite personal playlists. Workout, Chill, It's Friday, the list goes on. Thankfully, Stamp has given us a way to transfer all our exciting playlists from service to service. Transferring playlists is also a great way of finding out what music is not available on each service.

Download Stamp to transfer your music

Stamp allows you to transfer music from Spotify, Rdio, Apple Music, Google Play Music, YouTube and Deezer and send it to Apple Music, Google Play Music or Spotify, as well as putting your music library as a list to a .csv file for download. They offer a free service which lets you transfer 10 songs per session or 1 playlist per session, whereas a Stamp Premium account, which costs around £6,  allows transfer of unlimited songs and playlists.

The transfer process is very straightforward. Firstly, sign into your relevant streaming service account. Then, you pick where you want to transfer your playlists to or if you want to export a .csv list for download.

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