KEF R3 Meta Review

We review the all-new KEF R3 Meta bookshelf speakers, which are part of the R-series by KEF, a well-known brand in the audio industry. The review covers various aspects of the speakers, including design, features, and performance.

The KEF R3 Meta speakers are a notable addition to KEF's R-series, which offers a range of audio equipment to cater to different consumers' needs. The R3 Meta is a mid-range priced bookshelf speaker that offers high-end performance. The review highlights the significance of this range, which is designed to make audio excellence more accessible to consumers by offering a range of high-performance speakers at mid-level prices. The review also mentions that the R3 Meta is the only bookshelf option in the R range that sits below their floor-standing options, and it offers excellent value for its price of £1900.

The review further discusses the design of the speakers, including the colour options, attachable matching grilles, and the size of the speakers. It also discusses the various features of the speakers, such as the 12th Generation Uni-Q Driver Array, Shadow Flare, Metamaterial Absorption technology, and other technical improvements that help produce smoother and more lifelike audio with less distortion.

We delve into the performance of the KEF R3 Meta speakers, which we test with various music genres and setups, including the Rega Elicit MK5 amplifier and the Bluesound Powernode. The review highlights that the R3 Meta speakers are powerful, detailed, and room-filling, with impressive bass and a newly designed crossover that enhances the detailing. The review also compares the R3 Meta speakers to other KEF models and competitors, including the LS50 Meta speakers, and concludes that the R3 Meta speakers offer excellent performance and value for their price point.

In conclusion, the KEF R3 Meta bookshelf speakers are a great option for those looking to upgrade their audio setup. The speakers offer high-end performance and value for their price point, and the R-series as a whole is a notable range that makes audio excellence more accessible to consumers.