Nintendo switch Multiplayer games - these are the best!

'Nothing better than playing together'

There’s nothing that can bring family and friends together like a bit of fun and games - and no, we’re not speaking about relationship-destroying Monopoly. We’ve been loving the Nintendo Switch Multiplayer games especially now we’re coming towards the holiday season, as it’s a great way to bring everyone in the family together!

There has been some trial and error when finding the best Nintendo Switch multiplayer games, but we've compiled a list so there's something for everyone, whether you're playing on the same console or online with other Switch users. We've spent the time researching so you don’t have to!



MARIO KART 8 DELUXE - For Racing Fans 

Coming up to its 30th birthday, Mario Kart Deluxe 8 is just as thrillingly exciting as it was almost 3 decades ago. With enhanced colours, new maps and characters, it continues to be one of the best Nintendo Switch multiplayer games of all time. Race against family and friends, use boxes to add extra strategy and learn all the sneaky shortcuts to gain an edge!

Players: Up to 12 players

Genre: Other, Racing, Multiplayer

Age: Everyone! (PEGI 3+)

 Up to 4 players on the same switch

 48 great courses and 42 diverse characters

 Revamped battle mode 

 Intense & Thrilling gameplay & Online play

If you're looking to jump into the world of Nintendo Switch gaming or are looking for the perfect present, check out our Nintendo Switch, Joy-Con and Mario Kart 8 bundle. This gives you everything you need to let the gaming begin, with the option to play multiplayer with up to 4 people. The perfect way to treat the family this Christmas!

Updates from Mario Kart 8: 

  • Updated battle modes
  • More characters
  • Updated graphics and colours
Nintendo Switch Family Bundle


Verdict: Mario Kart will always be a classic game that brings everyone together. With 4 different difficulty settings, as well as a multiplayer split-screen, it’s something the whole family can enjoy, and one of our favourite Nintendo Switch Multiplayer games


SUPER MARIO PARTY - A Game Of Strategy

Competitive, strategic and a lot of fun, Super Mario Party is a virtual board game with competitive mini-games too. There are 4 main boards to play and unique dice blocks meaning different characters will give you different odds, making every element a game of strategy. Partner Party means you can team up with a friend and get into the competitive spirit!

Players: Up to 4 players

Genre: Party, Multiplayer

Age: Everyone! (PEGI 3+)

Super mario free icon 80 mini-games 

Super mario free icon  Co-op

Super mario free icon Partner Party

Super mario free icon Unique dice blocks (extra strategy)

Verdict: A large variety of maps and modes along with a board game like set-up means this game is perfect for parties and gatherings. The element of strategy and gathering allies make it competitive enough to be enjoyed at all ages.



Minecraft has taken the last decade by storm, though the switch brings a whole new world of possibilities with a split-screen co-op mode that lets 2 players join at the same game so they can build and play together. Play in creative mode or explore randomly generated worlds, crafting weapons and building your own world in this new Minecraft Bedrock Edition.  

Players: Up to 8 players

Genre: Adventure, Simulation, Action, Strategy

Age: 10+

Cross-platform play

Can chat with friends

 Free if you own the game already

 Xbox live integration

Verdict: Although you can happily play split-screen with a friend or family member, we also love that it’s easy to connect across platforms if you’re looking for a multi-player experience with others outside of your home!



New Horizons is a massive leap forward for Animal Crossing lovers and gives a fresh new look on each player type. There are endless amounts of new objects to gather and features to customise giving you a whole world well beyond the walls of your virtual home. 

There’s a couple of different multiplayer modes including local play on a single switch where your friend just needs to use one of the joysticks, as well as visiting other people’s islands.

Players: Up to 8 players

Genre: Simulation

Age: Everyone! (PEGI 3+)

File:Animal Crossing Leaf.png - Wikimedia Commons Endless elements to customise

File:Animal Crossing Leaf.png - Wikimedia Commons Peaceful creativity & colourful characters

File:Animal Crossing Leaf.png - Wikimedia Commons Freedom to explore

File:Animal Crossing Leaf.png - Wikimedia Commons Build your own community

Verdict: We’re massive fans of animal crossing and it’s a game we’ve definitely gotten ourselves lost in, however, the local play mode is a little chaotic and it’s more of a game we’d prefer to play solo.


LUIGI'S MANSION 3 - For  spooky season lovers

Co-op mode provides an exciting ‘spooky’ puzzle-solving mystery with Luigi’s alter-ego ‘Gooigi’ being a crucial character in completing the puzzles with teamwork.

There’s also an online multiplayer mode in which you can play with friends via local wireless or online and where teams can work together through the randomly generated levels in Luigi's Mansion 3.

Players: Up to 8 players

Genre: Adventure, Action

Age: Everyone! (PEGI 3+)

luigi - download free icon Super Mario Bros Icons on Artage.ioSolve puzzles and catch ghosts

luigi - download free icon Super Mario Bros Icons on Artage.ioMini-game battle

luigi - download free icon Super Mario Bros Icons on Artage.ioLuigi can call upon and control Gooigi for multiplayer fun!

luigi - download free icon Super Mario Bros Icons on Artage.ioSpooky fun for everyone

Verdict: We think this is a great game to play over the holiday season and as the full campaign can be played in co-op, we can see it is a perfect way to keep the kids entertained. Though don’t get me wrong, I think this will be a popular game with the adults too!



Pokemon has been widely adored across the world by all ages since its creation in 1996. Pokemon Sword and Shield both include the same spectacular adventure in an open-world game that can take us all back to our nostalgic childhood. There is 4 player co-op mode where you can have big Pokemon battles and battle or trade with each other online or via a local wireless connection. (Each player needs a copy of Pokémon Sword or Shield and a Nintendo Switch console.)

Players: Up to 4 players

Genre: Role-Playing

Age: Everyone! (PEGI 3+)

Pikachu free icon Open world game

Pikachu free icon Nostalgic adventure

Pikachu free icon Options to battle and trade with friends

Verdict: If you and your friend are looking to get Pokemon Sword/Shield, it’s worth you both opting for the opposite one, this way you’ll both be able to gain different Pokemon you can trade. Sadly, there’s no split-screen mode, so this is a Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Game we’d recommend if you have a community of avid switch users. 



Enjoy the ultimate brawl as iconic characters battle it out in outrageous fighting rings. Customisable preferred rules can add to the excitement of over 100 different stages to always keep things interesting! You can choose between Smash, tournament, squad strike and many other modes.

Players: Up to 8 players

Genre: Action, Fighting, Multiplayer

Age: 10+

Kirby Sprite Transparent Kirby Angry Png - Angry Kirby Png, Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem More than 100 stages

Kirby Sprite Transparent Kirby Angry Png - Angry Kirby Png, Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem 74 fights plus DLC

Kirby Sprite Transparent Kirby Angry Png - Angry Kirby Png, Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem Dynamic stages add to the challenge

Kirby Sprite Transparent Kirby Angry Png - Angry Kirby Png, Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem Create your own stage

Verdict: We’ve been having a blast playing this game and launching each other off the stage, we really think it’s the ultimate action multiplayer game!


Nintendo have really opened up a world of fun when it comes to multiplayer modes and no matter what the occasion, there’s a game here for everyone! Whether you're looking to play with your family and friends on one console or you're looking to play online with other Nintendo users, there's really something for everyone.

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