All the Smart Home Sounds Gaming News for October

October has been a big month for gaming, so Smart Home Sounds Gaming News this month have taken time to reflect on the past four weeks and bring you our best gaming updates and new products.

Read on to find out Smart Home Sound's thoughts on new products, proposed updates and upcoming releases going from October and into November 2021.

Nintendo Switch OLED: 

Nintendo Switch Oled White switch Oled white

Nintendo’s most versatile console to date has been given an upgrade this month with the Nintendo Switch OLED released on the 8th October. 

The 4th iteration of the beloved Nintendo Switch offers a 7” OLED screen, along with other new features such as a sturdier kickstand, 64GB of internal storage and a LAN ethernet input on the TV dock. So why an OLED screen? This screen type is typically reserved for TVs and Computers but lends itself well to handheld gaming as the brighter colours and darker blacks perform better in lighter conditions, making the Switch OLED perfect for bringing along on a train journey or long car ride on a sunny day.

As each pixel is lit individually, the Switch OLED won’t waste energy backlighting the entire screen, meaning that hopefully, this new model should perform more efficiently especially with games that have a darker colour pallet.

SHS Loves: 

We like that all Nintendo Switch games to date are cross-compatible with any iteration of the Switch, meaning you won’t need to go out and replace your current cartridges if you do decide to 

The brighter OLED screen makes this new version of the Switch even better for taking out and about as you won't experience any washed-out colours even in bright outside conditions.

To read more about the differences between these different Nintendo consoles, check out our Switch vs. Switch OLED vs. Switch Lite: What's the difference? blog.

If you want to take a look at the Nintendo Switch OLED, please check out our product page:

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Smart Home Sounds Gaming posted its first video!

Smart Home Sounds Katie Blog Switch OLED Metroid Dread

It was a big moment here at SHS when our new Gaming Youtube Channel really hit the ground running this month with its first full-length video. Join Katie, one of our Smart Home Sounds Gaming News Experts, as she puts the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED to the test and tries out fan-favourite titles such as Metroid Dread. She goes over the different reasons why you might opt for the new OLED model, or why the original Switch V2 might be perfectly suited to your gaming habits.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch yet, you can catch our Switch vs. Switch OLED review below, make sure to like and subscribe:

Sony announce PSVR 2 is coming to PlayStation 5

PSVR 2 Playstation PSVR 2

Early in 2021, Sony declared that its new PSVR system was in development, confirming the brand’s commitment to furthering this technology. This month they officially announced the launch of a brand-new PSVR 2 that will work exclusively with PlayStation 5.

Though there’s no official release date yet, we do know that PSVR offers a greater jump up in spec to take advantage of the next-gen features built into the PS5.

Here's what we know so far: 

  • Rumours indicate that the PSVR2's OLED display will offer a 4000 X 2040 pixel resolution. This display should give the PSVR 2 a 110-degree field of view along with more efficient use of its own and the PS5's processing power. 
  • New controllers have a baton-like shape and use the same adaptive trigger features as the popular DualSense PS5 controller. Haptic feedback and finger touch detection have been integrated.
  • Again more rumours, but it has been suggested that lens adjustment will be controlled by a dial rather than fixed setting controls as seen in the Quest 2.

Looking Forward to November

So, October was a big month when it comes to gaming and gaming products, but what can we expect going into November?

Call of Duty: Vanguard Release

COD Vanguard COD Vanguard

One of the releases Smart Home Sounds Gaming News are most excited for next month is Call of Duty: Vanguard. You’ve likely experienced some of the hype around this one, with Sledgehammer Games releasing its brand new WWII epic on November 5th

So what’s new this time around?

  • In this brand new storyline, you’ll fight your way across desolate battlegrounds across Europe’s Eastern and Western Fronts, North Africa and the Pacific. 
  • 20 Maps available to explore from release day
  • Patrol mode introduces motion capture points that will move along a set path through the map, unlike the stationary capture points we’ve seen previously. 
  • Destructible objects and environments have been introduced meaning that even areas of cover aren’t as safe as they originally were. 
  • A lower install size thanks to on-demand streaming technology results in up to a 50% space reduction on some platforms. 

Stay tuned for our thoughts on Call of Duty: Vanguard after its release on November 5th!

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Call of Duty Vanguard



Battlefield 2042

battlefield 2042 2 battlefield 2042 battlefield 2042 1

Another big title coming in November is Battlefield 2042, seeing the pre-order period end on the 19th. Dubbed the next generation of First-Person Shooter games, Battlefield 2042 promises: 

  • New specialist system allows players to customise their load-outs exactly the way they want them. This means you won't be forced into selecting a lower-spec class just to use the gun you want, you can customise the weapon to complement your character’s unique speciality and trait. 
  • Hazard Zone mode aims for more 'high-stakes, squad-based gameplay"
  • Maximum player count has been increased to a whopping 128 for both PC and next-gen console gaming
  • New specialist gadgets include a grappling hook, revive gun, auto-turret, movement sensor and a wingsuit.
  • Battlefield 2042 is the first release from the franchise to not include a singleplayer campaign since Battlefield Bad Company.

If you did want to get a pre-order in for Battlefield 2042, please follow the link below relating to your specific console:


Xbox Series X

Battlefield 2042



We hope you've found this round up of the upcoming and newly released gaming products from Autumn 2021.

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