Monitor Audio Ceiling Speaker Brand Overview

Updated for March 2022

Monitor Audio are a well established English brand founded in 1972. Their mission is to bring their customers phenomenal audio from the finest metals and craftsmanship. 

Why Choose Monitor Audio?  Before we get into the range overview, let's answer one of the main questions on everyone’s minds. Why pick Monitor Audio?  Yes, they’re a heritage brand, so they’re well trusted and have had years to perfect technologies, but on top of that, they also offer a lifetime warranty on all of their ceiling speaker range, so you have peace of mind with every purchase.



C-Cam tweeter Monitor Audio C-Cam Gold Dome Tweeter: The gold dome is thinner, lighter and more rigid than other domes made from alternative materials which are prone to distortion. The gold for the dome tweeter is anodised to a specific thickness for ideal stiffness and damping characteristics.
RST-Tech Monitor Audio RST Technology: Standing for Rigid Surface Technology, RST is inspired by Origami. The strengthening effect of RST means more responsive C-CAM cones which provide greater speed, accuracy and reduced distortion. 
C-Cam Driver Monitor Audio C-Cam Driver: C-CAM cones have a higher resistance to bending and therefore provide greater fidelity. C-CAM tweeters and woofers also share an audible consistency providing a much smoother transition of frequencies which promotes a sense of realism and cohesion across the soundstage. 
IDC-Driver Monitor Audio IDC Driver Module: This technology consists of a pivoting inverted Dual Concentric midrange/tweeter. This means the speaker can be placed anywhere, without compromising the audio.  The 3-way design offers superior performance and more flexibility than the 2-way driver or fixed angle speakers. 
Adjustable Response Monitor Audio Adjustable Response Controls: This can consist of boundary control, high frequency (HF) and mid-range frequency controls, so you can toggle them to suit your needs. Boundary control is particularly good if you’re installing close to wall boundaries. 
FX Tweeter Monitor Audio FX Dual Tweeter Configuration (surround): These speakers are specifically designed to be used as rear surround sound channels, as they make use of two modes, di-pole and bi-pole, for a more precise listening experience.  
T2 Dual Tweeter Configuration (stereo): The dual pivoting C-CAM and dual voice bass drivers allow for high-performance stereo sound from a single speaker, making them ideal for small spaces like bathrooms. 
MMP Driver Monitor Audio MMP II Driver: Metal Matrix Polymer driver cones are utilized with a polypropylene base to offer a more rigid and responsive structure. This results in superior sonic performance. 
Dog Leg Fixings Monitor Audio Tri-Grip Dog Leg Fixings: The 3 part fixing provides a greater contact surface for more security, as well as saving you time on the installation. 
Monitor Audio grille  Trimless Grilles: Provides a more discreet appearance and ensures a near-invisible blend between the grille and wall/ceiling.  
Backbox monitor audio Sealed Back Boxes: Back boxes optimise bass and mid-range performance while minimising sound leakage to other rooms. 
paintable grille monitor audio Paintable Grilles: This collection provides paintable grilles to give a further seamless finish.


Below, we're going to demonstrate how the name of the Monitor Audio ceiling speakers can be broken down and understood more easily.



100 Series

Now we understand the jargon, let's get into the different series. Starting with the 100 series, which is Monitor Audio Ceiling Speaker entry-level range, the C165 is a very popular option due to how affordable it is at £125 per unit, however, there are some other great budget speakers in this range depending on what you’re looking for. Keep in mind, these speakers best perform at ambient/background levels.  The 100 series features their innovative Tri-Grip system, MMP II bass driver, and signature Gold Dome pivotable Tweeter for crystal-clear details & vocals.

C180 BEST FOR...
C165-T2 BEST FOR...
Best for ambient background listening, so perfect for hallways and secondary areas. This speaker includes their innovative Tri-Grip system, MMP II bass driver, and signature Gold Dome pivotable Tweeter for crystal-clear details & vocals. HF switch also included. Looking for more bass? The C180 features an 8-inch driver so gives greater depth and a slightly wider soundstage. All this while featuring similar technology mentioned for the C165.  Only room for one speaker? The C165-T2 features a twin tweeter, so you still get a great separation between the left and right channels. Perfect for bathrooms. (No HF switch also included.)
Price: £140 - View Price: £175 - View Price: £175- View

200 Series

The 200 series is a great place to start if you’re looking to install the speakers in main areas like open-plan spaces, as they’re a step up in quality from the 100 series. The 200 series also comes with a boundary compensation switch, so ideal if you’re installing close to boundary walls. 

C265 BEST FOR...
C280 BEST FOR...
Suited for mid-level listening and great to be installed in main areas like family rooms. This speaker is a step up from the C165 and results in a better standard of mid-range sounds and bass tones. So a better option if you’re looking to turn the music up occasionally. Similar to the C180 but a step up in terms of technology and sound performance. Again, perfect if you want more bass than the C265 and has a wider soundstage. This speaker is a big step up from the previous models and its 3-way design means there’s much better separation between the mid-range, bass and vocals. There are also adjustable frequency controls on the speakers themselves so you don’t have to rely on EQ changes from whatever you’re driving the speakers with.
Price: £200 - View
Price: £235 - View Price: £280 - View

Did you know? The Monitor Audio 200 range is comparable to their Bronze series if you’re familiar with their speakers.


300 Series

The last range we’ll be looking at will give you premium Hi-Fi quality so perfect if you want to free up space and replace your Hi-Fi system with a discreet finish while making little compromises to the sound. There’s also the added bonus of a mid-frequency level switch! All the speakers we’ll be discussing in this range are 8 inch speakers, in order to host a large amount of impressive technology, so keep that in mind.

On top of the premium high quality Hi-Fi sound this range offers, this speaker also comes equipped with a back box, so great if you’re looking to prevent as much sound leaking as possible to other rooms. It also retails a lot more of that good sound quality. This speaker features the same 3-way driver found in the C265-IDC, so gives a great definition between the mid-range, bass and vocals. On top of that, you have high-end quality in a larger driver. This is ideal for anyone looking for high-end audio quality with a discreet finish. This speaker is essentially a mashup of the two models above and is best for anyone who wants superior sound quality which reaches high volumes with no distortion. Though you’d need a bigger budget, if money wasn’t an option, this would be the speaker we’d choose every time.
Price: £365 - View Price: £400-  View
Price: £395 - View

Did you know?

The Monitor Audio 300 range is comparable to their Silver series if you’re familiar with their speakers.

Super Slim Series

We’ve covered the core speakers in the Monitor Audio ceiling speaker range, though we understand that might not suit everyone’s needs! Having great audio quality shouldn’t mean making compromises on sound, no matter what the condition. For those of you with slim ceiling voids, don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered with the next two options.

As this speaker is part of the 100 series, it’s still an entry-level speaker, but it’s the most popular slim option due to being great value for money. At just 99mm it’s perfect if you have limited space, but you do get a 6-inch driver rather than 6.5 inch, so while the sound is similar to the C165, slimmer speakers do lose a bit of bass. This is a super slim model from the 200 series and comes in at a mounting depth of 50mm so if you really don’t have much space to play with behind the ceiling or surface, these are your go-to. You do get 3 mini mid-bass drivers instead of a single one, so you maximise the bass output when compared to the CS160.
Price: £165 - View Price: £305 - View


Other Notable Speakers

monitor-audio-c265-fx C265-FX - ONE FOR THE HOME CINEMA...
This model features a pair of fixed tweeters that point away from each other for wider dispersion. It also comes with diffuse and direct settings so you can change the setting of the speaker to either throw the sound directly to a single position or if you’re installing them close to a wall, you’ll want to flick that to diffuse so your surround sound can be more accurately spread. 
Price: £230 - View


All-Weather Speakers

If you’re installing ceiling speakers either outdoors under the soffits in your roof or in perhaps a bathroom, steam room or kitchen where there is lots of humidity - we still have some really great options for you. The AWC range are IP55 rated so are more hard-wearing and they won’t rust.

This speaker features the same great technology as the C265, with the added benefit of being weather resistant. This speaker is best for people who have enough room to install a speaker pair, in areas that require weather ratings. This speaker again features all the same technology as the C265, as well as being weatherproof, however, it does also utilize a twin tweeter, so it’s better for those who don’t have enough room to install a speaker pair.
Price: £275 - View Price: £365 - View

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As you can see, there really is something for everyone, but if you’re still unsure, please feel free to get in touch with the information below. We have done a YouTube video on this range, so feel free to check it out, as well as many more videos/blogs on other ceiling speaker brands too.

We also offer a free design service, so again, feel free to drop us an email with your plans so we can share our thoughts.

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