At Smart Home Sounds, we are asked many times by customers for advice and tips on the best way to expand their current Sonos system. This may involve expanding to new rooms or adding additional speakers to existing zones for a richer experience. Read on to find out how one speaker is just the start of your Sonos journey!

Powerful, good-looking and amazingly addictive!

If you are completely new to Sonos, the PLAY:1 is a great starter speaker to get familiar with the Sonos app and experience the superior quality of the sound. It is perfect for filling smaller sized rooms such as the Bedroom, Office, Kitchen or even the Bathroom due to its moisture resistance. Just plug it into a power socket, download the Sonos app and follow the steps to get started. It couldn’t be simpler. Our customers enjoy the PLAY:1 so much that over time, one speaker is no longer enough!

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What’s better than a PLAY:1? Two PLAY:1s!

One of the best features about Sonos, in our opinion, is the way you can stereo pair two speakers to create a left and a right speaker. This means that any song you listen to will be intelligently split across the speakers so you can experience the song exactly how it was intended to be heard. After witnessing this setup ourselves, we can honestly say we are blown away by the depth and clarity of the sound, taking into account the size and price of the speaker. We heard subtle sounds in the music that your average speaker could never pick up. For some rooms, this setup would be absolutely perfect but for the larger rooms such as the living space where you might spend a lot more time in, you might want to explore the potential of the rest of the range, Sonos has to offer.

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Immerse yourself in a PLAY:3 or PLAY:5.

For those rooms that cover a larger area such as the Lounge or Kitchen Diner, the PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 offers even bigger capabilities. Perfect for impressing those party guests. Turn the speaker horizontally or vertically, whichever you prefer! The speaker automatically optimises its settings for the position. Another fantastic benefit of the PLAY range is that you have the flexibility to group music together in different rooms to create a perfectly in-sync “Party mode” or assign different music to different rooms. The choice is up to you. To better understand whether the PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 would be more suitable for you, check our blog article.

Sonos PLAY:5

The music sounds great! But I want to watch films with the same sound quality too.

You may already have a Sonos speaker in your Bedroom, Kitchen or any other room but you may be wondering whether it’s time to replace that old surround system you’ve had for years, or even adding an entirely new surround system altogether! This is where you unlock the true potential of Sonos in the comfort of your own home. The Sonos PLAYBAR is not only a fantastic standalone music player which can link to the rest of your Sonos speakers, it is also currently the best-selling soundbar on the market and it’s not surprising. The PLAYBAR packs 6 drivers and 3 tweeters to pump out a very far-reaching wide soundstage and is the go-to solution for adding that extra immersion to TV content.

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Customer PLAYBAR Reviews

Adding the SUB to the PLAYBAR setup adds another dimension to the depth of sound. You don’t just hear the difference, you feel it in your bones. Any explosion, natural disaster, motor race and any other action scene for that matter, will make you feel like you’re truly there. We have never experienced films in the same way.

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Sonos your home with a full 5.1 surround system.

To finish off the surround sound experience, add 2 stereo paired PLAY:1s behind you to witness a true 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. We can promise you that after this setup, you will never want to go back to listening to audio directly from the TV speakers ever again!

Sonos home theatre

Words alone do not do this system justice, and if you are local to our dedicated listening POD in Gloucestershire we would love you to pop in for a demo to experience it for yourself or alternatively see what our customers thought about the Sonos 5.1 home theatre bundle here.


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