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SHS Verdict

4 star rating

Whilst it's hard to review a range Audio Pro Speaker Range as a whole, for us, the Audio Pro Addon series really does give a lot of value for money and offers customers a great multi-room option without the lofty price tag. We're particularly blown away by the Addon C10 MKII, which at £359  rivals a lot of more expensive options for bass and impact. The only reason we can't give them the full 5 stars here is the fact they only support Bluetooth 4.0 (apart from the C10 MKII) which is quite an old version of Bluetooth now so you don’t get that increased range and sound quality improvements made on the later generations. You'll also only get the first version of AirPlay on everything except for the C10 MKII.


Easy and cost-effective solution to Multi-Room Audio

Great audio quality

Support for Airplay and Spotify Connect (Airplay 2 on Addon C10 Mk II)

Line-In connection supported

Portable options available

Timeless Scandinavian  Design


App could do with a few more features, not quite as robust as other multi-room options

Older 4.0 Bluetooth version used (4.2 in C10 Mk II)

No voice assistant option


We're always excited to add new products to our line-up, especially when we feel they offer as much as the Audio Pro range does. Taking the personal Hi-Fi world by storm is the Audio Pro speaker range. Combining Scandinavian cool with a great range of connectivity features we’re pleased to introduce the lineup: The T3+, C3, C5 and C10 MKII.

As What Hi-Fi?’s best budget multi-room system in 2020, with a 5* review to boot, it’s easy to see why the Audio Pro Addon series continues to be so popular.

Below we’ll explore each speaker in turn so that you can best judge which option is right for you. We’ll also answer your burning questions about the AudioPro range.

We've also filmed a Youtube video on the subject, so if you'd like to find out more please watch below:


Article Breakdown:

Introducing the range

With four solid speaker options available, the Addon range has something for everyone. The T3+ is the only speaker that doesn’t support multi-room functionality as it’s Bluetooth compatible only, but it is fully portable and boasts a long 30-hour battery life. The other three options, the C3, C5 and C10 MK II, are all multi-room compatible on your WiFi network and take a good, better, best approach to your home audio.


Addon T3+ Addon C3 Addon C5 Addon C10 Mk II
Weight 2.1kg 2.1kg 2.5kg 3.9kg
Dimensions 115mm x 215mm x 135mm 115mm x 215mm x 135mm 130mm x 250mm x 150mm 166mm x 320mm x 180mm
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery Life 30 Hours 15 Hours N/A N/A
Driver Size 0.75” dual tweeters and 3.5” woofer 0.75” dual tweeters and 3.5” woofer 0.75” dual tweeters and 4” woofer 0.75” dual tweeters and 5.35” woofer
Wired Connections AUX AUX RCA Line-In, AUX, USB Connection & Sub Out RCA Line-In & Sub Out
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 only Bluetooth 4.0, Airplay, Spotify Connect Bluetooth 4.0, Airplay, Spotify Connect Bluetooth 4.2, Airplay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect

Audio Pro Addon T3+

Audio Pro T3 Audio Pro T3+
Price RRP £179
Driver Size 0.75" Dual Tweeters, 3.5" Woofer
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Multi-Room Capability
Line-In Connections AUX 3.5mm Line-In
Dimensions 215mm x 115mm x 135mm
Battery Life 30-hour battery
Recharge Time Approx. 4 hours
Top-Panel Controls Power, Bluetooth Pairing, Bluetooth/ Aux Selectors, Volume Control


As joint winner for the most compact speaker in the range, the T3+ relies solely on Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity. We tend to favour wifi connectivity when used in the home, but the crown jewel of the Audio Pro T3+ is its whopping 30-hour battery life. If you’re looking for a compact but powerful speaker to take out and about with you the T3+ might be the perfect option.

Audio Pro Addon T3+ Pros and Cons
Long 30 Hour Battery Life making it the most portable in the range

Easy Bluetooth connectivity when having guests round

A cheaper option that’s well suited to smaller rooms. Perfect if you aren’t looking to build a multi-room system.

AUX Line-In

Doesn’t support WiFi connectivity so can’t be used as part of a multi-room system

No IP rating so ideally used around the home or garden in dry weather


No option to save favourite playlists/ radio stations as presets


Audio Pro Addon C3

Audio Pro C3 Audio Pro C3 white
Price RRP £199.99
Driver Size  0.75" Dual Tweeters, 3.5" Woofer
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0
Line-In Connections AUX 3.5mm Line-In
Battery Life 15 hours at 50% volume, 9 hours full volume
Recharge Time Approx. 2.5 hours
 Dimensions 215mm x 115mm x 135mm
Multi-Room Capability
Top-Panel Controls Wifi/ Aux/ Bluetooth selector, power, Bluetooth pairing, Play/ Pause, Volume, 4x Saved Audio Preset Buttons


Utilising the same speaker architecture and cabinet size as the T3+, the Audio Pro C3 takes it one step further with both Bluetooth 4.0 and Wifi control options. The C3 is Audio Pro’s entry-level multiroom speaker, so perfect for those embarking on a home Audio Pro system.

One of the nicest touches, in our opinion, of the C3 and larger speakers in the Audio Pro multi-room range is the option to set and select audio presets on the top panel. This allows you to save up to 4 radio stations, playlists or podcasts etc. to play at the touch of a button on top of the speakers, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

Audio Pro Addon C3 Pros and Cons
Portability inbuilt making it easy to move around the house and garden

15-hour battery life

AUX Line-In for wired sources

WiFi Connectivity and Multi-Room functionality

Presets to save and easily get to your most listened to content

Audio Pro App control

Spotify Connect and Airplay  compatible

No IP rating so ideally used around the home or garden in dry weather

Battery life is not as long as Audio Pro Addon T3+

Smaller internal woofer driver, so won't be as impactful as the C5 or C10 


Audio Pro Addon C5

Audio Pro C5 lifestyle Audio Pro C5 top panel
Price RRP £199
Driver Size 0.75” dual tweeters and 4” woofer
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0
Multi-Room Capability
Line-In Connections RCA Line-In, AUX, USB Connection & Sub Out
Dimensions 130mm x 250mm x 150mm
Top-Panel Controls Wifi/ Aux/ Bluetooth selector, power, Bluetooth pairing, Play/ Pause, Volume, 4x Saved Audio Preset Buttons


With a pair of 18mm dual tweeters and a 10cm centre woofer, the C5 marks a definite jump up in audio quality compared to Audio Pro’s two entry-level home speakers. Building on all the same multi-room architecture as the C3, the Audio Pro C5 offers a bolder and more impactful sound with the added benefit of a Line-In, Aux and Sub Out connection point. Like other speakers in the range, the C5 favours a slick, paired back design in keeping with its Scandinavian heritage.

Audio Pro Addon C5
Larger 4” woofer driver than the T3+ or C3 for more pronounced and impactful bass

The greatest range of connections in the Addon range with RCA Line-In, AUX, USB and Sub Out

Full multi-room functionality with WiFi connectivity

Bluetooth 4.0 

Spotify Connect and Airplay compatible

The same price as the C3, so a good choice for getting more bass if you’re not too bothered about portability

Requires wired connection at all times so not portable

Relies on Bluetooth 4.0 for non-WiFi connection, which is an older format


Audio Pro Addon C10 MKII

Audio Pro C10 MKII back blog Audio Pro C10 MKII lifestyle blog
Price RRP £359
Driver Size 0.75” dual tweeters and 5.35” woofer
Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2
Multi-Room Capability
Line-In Connections RCA Line-In & Sub Out
Dimensions 166mm x 320mm x 180mm
Top-Panel Controls Wifi/ RCA/ Bluetooth selector, power, Bluetooth pairing, Play/ Pause, Volume, 6x Saved Audio Preset Buttons


As the largest member of the Audio Pro speaker range family, you’d be absolutely right to expect that the C10 offers even more in the way of bass, impact and performance. A scaled-up version of its smaller sibling, the Addon C5, the C10 was recently updated to give us the new MKII to make it better than ever before.  

The C10’s meaty bass output for us is worth every penny of its higher price tag, and the new MKII version offers improved connectivity options like Chromecast and Airplay 2. The design of the C10 MKII is slightly different from the rest of the C series, with a removable mesh grille, inset tweeters & a revised bass port and no leather top strap.

Audio Pro Addon C10 MK II
50W Class D amplifier (double that of the C5) for even more bass and power

Upgrade to Airplay 2 and addition of Chromecast for more robust connectivity options

Flush tweeters and revised bass port design

Large 5.35” woofer offers excellent bass, impact and volume

The removable grille gives users a different look

Stronger Bluetooth 4.2 connection than other speakers in the range

No leather carry handle which some customers may like

Missing the USB and 3.5mm AUX connection featured on the C5


Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What WiFi network can I use with Audio Pro Multi-Room?

A. The Audio Pro system will only work on a 2.4GHz network, meaning if you have a variable band network it’s a good idea to change this from alternating to 2.4GHz only.


Q. How many speakers can I have in an Audio Pro Multi-Room setup?

A. It's possible to connect up to 32 speakers or devices in a single Audio Pro system. Audio Pro advise that performance may be impacted if using many speakers, but this would be rare. 


Q. Can you pair AudioPro T3+s?

A. As the T3+ is a Bluetooth only speaker, you won't be able to pair it with any other speakers in the Audio Pro system. If you want to create a stereo pair or Multi-Room system you'd need to opt for either the C3, C5 or C10.


Q. Can I play music from a CD Player or Turntable?

A. Both the C5 and C10 have 3.5mm and RCA sound inputs to be connected to other HiFi components. The C3 and T3+ have a 3.5mm audio jack only, but could still be connected to a Turntable or CD Player when using the correct connecting cable.

Our Final Thoughts

We've really enjoyed our time testing the Audio Pro Addon range. In particular, the C10 MK II really blew us away with its mastery of bass and the connectivity refinements really added to our experience as well. We can see the right person existing for each product in the Addon range and even the less feature-heavy T3+ poses as a great portable speaker option throughout the house and garden.

It would be nice to have seen a higher standard of Bluetooth used across the products, as even the upgraded C10 MK II still only uses Bluetooth 4.2. The Audio Pro app is more simplistic than others we've seen but does the job nicely and definitely isn't a reason to avoid this range.

4 star rating

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