THE PLAY:5 - the newest edition to Sonos’ ever growing collection, and the most luxurious, tech-savvy, smart speaker to date. The ‘Sonos simple’ approach absolutely crushes any fears of technology and allows you to appreciate music as the artist intended in the comfort of your own home. 


OK, so most importantly how does it sound? Well, you're going to be pleasantly surprised. If you're upgrading from your PLAY:1 or PLAY:3, adding a new SONOS to your collection, or simply just wanting a new smart speaker for your home, this powerhouse is a whole different level. The PLAY:5 completely brings its A-game.

What stands out immediately is the wider sound stage, better clarity and crystal clear vocals. The speaker's drivers have been cleverly positioned / angled to give the best stereo effect possible from a single speaker. The new PLAY:5 has also gained an extra speaker over the older model and now has 6 dedicated internal speakers. It projects a loud and extremely crisp sound that allows you to submerge into your favourite music. The smart speaker is mounted with small legs on both the bottom and the side which enables you to stand / mount either in landscape or portrait mode. Two of these speakers placed vertically and paired in stereo mode look and sound fantastic. If you are feeling adventurous, connect it to a PLAYBAR and SONOS SUB to create the ultimate 5.1 home surround system.

The most noticeable difference comparing to the older generation PLAY:5 is the balance and deep, rich bass. It really does fill a whole room. This is without doubt Sonos’ best sounding speaker to date. If this is something you're looking for in a digital streaming speaker then this Sonos is for you.


Sonos’ most significant update in years is their TRUEPLAY TUNING. To keep it short ‘TRUEPLAY’ helps you get the purest / best sound form your Sonos speaker no matter what room or position you place it in. You calibrate your speaker using the SONOS app and the microphone on your iPhone or iPad which tests the acoustics in the room, then leaves the speaker optimised to that room. This means yes, unfortunately, TRUEPLAY is only available on iOS devices currently, however the app is fully functional on Android devices - you just won't have the added bonus of tuning, but be patient Android users - it's only a matter of time!  

OK, so does it work? Well, the app actually tells you how much of an effect TRUEPLAY has had on your speaker, so in some rooms of your home it may have very little effect or no impact. However, after trying the speaker in different room settings we found TRUEPLAY was most effective in open planned spaces and where the speaker was situated in a bookcase or positioned in a corner. It really is a great tool for optimal sound. There’s a short tutorial showing you how to complete TRUEPLAY on the app. You may feel like a bit of an idiot and you’ll understand why when you try it, but give it a go! Choose to turn TRUEPLAY on and off in Settings > Trueplay > On/Off and compare if you can hear the difference. Comment below when you can. Please note, TRUEPLAY tuning is also available for existing PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 (G1) customers.


Regarding the new features & design of the PLAY:5, we feel like it's had a complete transformation and caught the contagious ‘Apple bug’. Now, what we mean by that is the Sonos design and new features feel almost like an Apple update, just like the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6s where things appear sleek and simple but are far from it on the inside.


  • Transformed from a square shape to a sexy curvaceous shape which bestows a smooth clean feel.
  • Lost that dull grey colour and picked up a clean matte white (also comes in matte black), which gives it a flawless finish and keeps it free from finger prints!
  • New touch-sensitive controls that have polished the way you control your songs from your smart speaker. Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, and the ability to swipe left and right to change track. The volume and track controls will alter depending on the speaker orientation to whichever makes the most sense. A reassuring subtle tone plays every time a touch control has been selected. We found this very responsive and a fantastic upgrade.


If you're new to Sonos and looking to start your digital streaming journey it may be best to start with the more budget cautious PLAY:1 or PLAY:3, which are smaller, less powerful, smart speakers. However, if budget allows and you are looking to purchase the ultimate smart speaker or upgrade a current Sonos speaker, the new PLAY:5 will fill a room with powerful, crisp and vibrant music like never before, it doesn’t sound like you’d expect a single box to sound. We truly believe this is the best smart speaker currently available. 


  • Stuff Magazine - HiFi gadget of the year - Winner
  • What HiFi - 5star review- "Bigger, bolder and more powerful, the new Play: 5 is a worthy flagship speaker for Sonos"


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