All of the best deals on Sony's 2021 TV Range

With Christmas fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to invest in a new TV for those cosy winter movie nights. Sony’s 2021 TV range features some great models to suit a variety of budgets and viewing styles, and even better, a large chunk of them have just been reduced as part of their Black Friday promotion!

Read on to see our top picks and best deals on Sony TVs this Black Friday period:

Best on a Budget

Best on a Budget: 55" Sony Bravia X89J

Sony’s top of the range LED, is a perfect choice if you’re looking to maximise a smaller budget. The Sony X89J is packed with features, such as Sony’s coveted X-Balanced Speakers and the Google TV smart platform, without needing to spend more on the likes of a Full-Array LED or top-of-the-range OLED.

All five sizes of the Sony X89J have been discounted as part of Sony’s Black Friday Sale but we’ve selected the 55” model, currently discounted to £849, specifically because there’s only a £50 difference between it and its closest neighbour the 50” model (reduced to £799). On top of this, you’ll get 12 additional inches of screen for just £100 when comparing the 55” to the 43” model priced at £749.

Best Large Screen Sony TV

Best Larger Screen: 77" Sony Bravia A80J

If you’re after a larger screen size, the best saving this Black Friday season is definitely the Sony 77” A80J OLED, with a massive £900 reduction on RRP. We appreciate that even at a reduced £3299, this is an awful lot of money to be spending on a TV, but if you’re serious about getting a great screen quality in a large size you can’t go too wrong with an OLED screen, XR OLED Contrast and Acoustic Surface Audio speaker configuration to boot.

Another top choice for a larger screen size is Sony’s top-of-the-range Full-Array LED for this year, the X95J, which comes in both a 75” (£2499) or 85” (£3799) screen size, both of which are reduced by £700. For your money you’ll get a bright and contrasted Full-Array LED screen, Sony’s 2021 Bravia XR Processor and X-Wide Viewing Angle technology which ensures the picture looks great no matter where you’re sitting.

Best Movie Sony TV

Best for Movie Lovers: 65" Sony Bravia A80J

This was definitely one of the hardest categories to pick, as all of Sony's current TV lineup have been optimised to offer brilliant visuals and Dolby Atmos sound out of the box. We settled on the A80J in the end though, as its stunning OLED screen will pick up greater contrast and detail thanks to better handling of light and dark. Acoustic Surface Audio pinpoints exactly where on-screen sounds should emanate from, meaning you'll get the best audio experience no matter where you're sitting.

Every size of this TV has been reduced, but the 65" will really make a statement in your living room and allow you to enjoy your favourite blockbusters and Christmas Classics exactly as the director intended. A massive £900 price drop, bringing the 65" A80J down to £1799, is all the more reason to upgrade your TV this winter!

Best LED Sony TV

Best LED: 55" Sony Bravia X90J

One of the most popular TVs from Sony’s current 2021 line-up has got to be the X90J. Offering a Full-Array LED screen along with Sony’s brand-new for 2021 Bravia XR Processor the X90J is a great choice if you’re in the market for a new LED TV. Full-Array screens are fully backlit, offering better contrast, richer colours and a higher level of detail than their standard LED predecessors. 

We’ve selected the 55” again as our top deal this Black Friday season, as it comes in at only £20 more (at £899) than the smaller 50” version (at £879). Also, the prices per screen size are only slightly higher than the X89J which sits a model below the X90J. There’s never been a better time to shop the Sony X90J!

Best OLED Sony TV

Best OLED: Sony Bravia A80J

We don't mean to keep on about the A80J, but with a £700+ discount across all models and a state-of-the-art OLED screen, it's hard to ignore. Available in a 55", 65" and 77" screen size, enjoy the best screen technology around packed full of internal features courtesy of the A80J's Bravia XR Processor.

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