WHY Sony? New Brand Overview

In this video, we'll tell you why we decided to take on Sony as a brand and let you know all the exciting content we've coming out to help you find your next TV or audio product!


We’ve got some big news…. we’re now selling TVs! 

We can finally announce that we are an official Sony retailer which means we will also now be selling TVs! To celebrate this, we wanted to tell you all about the fun stuff we’ve got coming up, why we’ve added Sony as a brand and more. 

So this new brand launch has been a long time coming for us and has taken months of planning to get here. We are always very careful about adding new brands and products to our website as we want to ensure everything has been fully tested by everyone here to make sure they are something we would all use ourselves and can genuinely recommend to you guys. 

This new partnership is really exciting for us for two reasons, firstly as our first step into the world of TV and secondly as we join with Sony, a huge global brand with some really really great products. 

As a retailer of home audio equipment, and soundbars especially, we are asked daily which TVs we would recommend for different setups and frequently help our customers with any setup questions they might have. Therefore the step into selling TVs ourselves seems like a pretty straightforward one which will enable us to offer you guys everything you need to create your dream setup from the right TV to the right soundbar or full home cinema setup. 

 We know that the world of TVs is a pretty confusing place with a lot of complicated technical jargon and very long model names. We’ve spent the last few months really putting ourselves in the shoes of the customer to simplify the process of choosing your new TV as much as possible so we can hopefully help you find the perfect option for your room, your needs and within your budget. Our mission is to be the number one place for people to come for the best advice with the end goal being to match you personally up with the right TV.

As I said we are really excited to be adding Sony to our website and this marks a big step forward for Smart Home Sounds. There are many reasons we decided to start with Sony but one of the most important things for us is the widespread involvement Sony have in the TV, movie & gaming industry. When you’re watching a film chances are that was filmed using a Sony camera with a Sony lens as the only company producing commercial film & TV cameras. Therefore, it makes sense that watching on a Sony TV is going to offer a true to life experience as every step of the way that movie you’re watching has been optimized to look just as the director filmed it and intended for you to enjoy it. There are many other reasons why we decided to start with Sony so i’m going to ask our Managing Director to give a bit more insight into this.  

Why are we starting with Sony?

Hi, i’m Andrew and i’m the Managing Director at Smart Home Sounds. 

Personally I’ve always been a bit of a Sony fanboy, I had their walkman & Minidisc back in the day and now personally I have Sony TVs in my home and it’s what we have in the office and have done for years. For me I think they are at the top of the game offering some really high quality products and have something for everyone. These days, most homes have some kind of Sony product whether it’s a TV, playstation, speaker, camera or pair of headphones. 

Sony really fits with what we are trying to do as a brand and that’s offering products we can genuinely get behind for their quality, performance and value for money. They are actually currently on a 19 year high and that’s not by chance. That’s supported by the quality of their products from the most expensive TV to the most affordable pair of headphones. Of course over time we will be looking to add other TV brands to offer a wider range but for me, it was just right to start with Sony. 

When we decided to take on Sony the first thing we had to solve was how we are going to differentiate ourselves. We’re under no illusion of how hard it is to choose the right TV model and how often people are oversold when it’s not the right choice for their lifestyle and requirements. So to let you know how we are going to solve that issue Emily, our head of content, is going to explain a bit more about how we’re going to do that and the sort of content you guys can expect from us. 

How we'll help you find your perfect tv

Hi, I’m Emily, I’m the Head of Content at Smart Home Sounds. 

This is a really exciting time for us and it means we’ve got a lot of new fun content coming out which should help you guys if you’re considering upgrading your TV any time soon. As Jonathan mentioned, our aim is to really strip back the buying process and help customers know what they actually need to know to find the right TV for them. Most of us here have gone through the process of buying a new TV and, from experience, it can get pretty overwhelming with the amount of makes and models out there, not to mention delving into the huge list of technology available from 4k to 8k, HDR, UHD, OLED, LED, Full Array LED, QLED the list goes on. 

We want to offer the very best of an in-store experience online, getting to the bottom of what you need from your TV and pairing that up with the most suitable model for your home. So first of all, this starts with our product pages. We didn’t want to do the same as everyone else and we’ve spent a lot of time learning everything there is to know about these TVs and putting all that information into simpler terms. So we’ve taken terms like Triluminos colour and OLED and translated that into what you’re actually getting from your TV like is it good for netflix and movies, is it best for sports etc. We’ve also included a section on similar TV models so you can see what you would lose out on with the model below and what you would gain with models above.

We’ve also got some really exciting videos coming soon on our YouTube channel. Of course we will do our usual in-depth product reviews giving you everything you need to know about different models and covering the pros and cons for each and we’ve also got reviews of other Sony products coming too! One video which will be coming out very soon is a TV buying guide and that’s going to include all the key info you need for choosing the right product for you. We’ll be explaining the variety of models, how to choose the right screen size for your room, what’s some of the key tech you want to keep an eye out for and how to choose the right pairing of soundbar or surround sound setup. We’ll also be releasing blogs as usual and sharing key information and top tips on our social channels so be sure to check that out.


Ok hopefully that’s given you a bit more insight into what’s going on here at Smart Home Sounds and what you can expect from us.

Of course on top of creating as much content as possible for you, you still might have some more specific questions about your needs and your home setup. Our customer service team is clued up on all the models on our site and will be happy to help you personally just get in touch via the usual channels to have a chat with them.