Smart Home Sounds was instructed by premiership rugby club, Gloucester Rugby, to give their gym an audio makeover to match their state of the art training facilities.

Most people wouldn't think a Sonos system would be suitable for a space like this, but after discussions with our installation partner, Insideout Technology, and taking into account the audio requests of the coaches and players, we decided the Sonos system would be the perfect match.

Multiple Zones

Gloucester Rugby’s state of the art gym is split into different zones, and one request was to be able to play different audio in different areas of the gym. These, of course, required independent volume controls.

In the cardio/stretching area, we installed 2 x Sonos Play 5 speakers in stereo mode to allow an independently controlled music area. Generally audio in this zone is not required at high levels.

Weight Lifting Area

Again, we installed 2 x Sonos Play 5 speakers in stereo mode, but this time we added a  Sonos sub to give that extra grunt needed in this area. Once again, this can play different music to that in the cardio zone.

Group Play

Gloucester Rugby - SONOS Powered GymOf course, both zones can be grouped together to allow a fantastic sounding single audio zone. This is used for group sessions, and with 4 x Play 5 speakers and a Sonos sub, it’s loud enough to provide that extra motivation which is needed.

Music Choice

The ease with which the Sonos system handles multiple music services and individual content was one of the primary factors when selecting the Sonos system.


The playing squad have a collaborative Spotify playlist which means that it’s possible for any of the players to add the track of their choice to this playlist. It then instantly becomes available on the Sonos system. The introduction of multiple Spotify accounts on the Sonos system was also a deciding factor as the coaches and players can now have their accounts easily available.

About Smart Home Sounds

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