Sonos have been working closely with Spotify to enhance the Spotify experience on Sonos and live in beta starting today, Sonos owners with Android devices will find new features included in the Spotify service on Sonos.
The "Your Music" feature for Spotify on Sonos is indeed included in these new features. Some of the other new Spotify features currently in beta include:
  • Spotify Radio: Now you can create radio stations based on a particular track or artist and discover even more music to love.
  • Featured Playlists: Discover dynamic curated playlists that change based on the time of day, as well as region-based playlists with the hottest trending music.
  • Your Music: Build your music library directly from the Sonos controller with access to your curated playlists and songs. (Note: this release doesn't include Albums as part of Your Music)
  • Genres & Moods: Feeling down? Want to party? Need to chill out? Spotify makes it easy with curated genre and mood-based playlists.
  • New Releases:  Tons of new music is added to Spotify every single day --- all with high quality sound that you can only find on Sonos

Plus lots of behind the hood tweaks to mantain stability when playing Spotify on Sonos.

To enroll on the beta program, and test these features today click here!


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