On the 10th of July Sonos welcomed an exciting new partner to the Sonos world of music –SoundCloud.
SoundCloud enables millions of listeners around the globe to discover original music, connect with each other and share their own sounds – from unknown artists putting their first demos into the world from their bedroom, to bands debuting their latest singles, to podcasters, comedians, news outlets and more.


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Original sounds from artists and creators, unleashed to your home the way they were meant to be heard
With 12 hours of music and audio uploaded to SoundCloud’s platform every minute, Sonos expands your world of listening by freeing those sounds from computers and devices, giving millions of homes a direct way to stream to HiFi speakers.
Easy discovery without limitations
With SoundCloud’s ever-expanding library of new and established artists on Sonos, you can easily discover unique music and audio. Use the Universal Search on the new Sonos controller app to stumble upon music from your favourite artists on SoundCloud that you may never have heard before. All for free.
Try SoundCloud’s free service in beta on Sonos now by visiting ‘Add Music Services’ in the new Sonos app and dive into a world of new music.
If you have not heard of the SoundCloud service, please sign in today and give it a try. It's a free service, and does give access to a wealth of music and audio. Your Sonos system will thank you.