Is TCL's new X955 QD Mini LED with Dual-5000 technology the future?

TCL have just announced their latest TV lineup which includes a flagship QD-Mini LED TV boasting 5000+ dimming zones and over 5000 nits PLUS the most affordable 98” TV in the world and here’s everything you need to know.

We’re always excited to see which direction TV brands take each year with their new TV models and TV technology and from TCL’s announcement today it’s clear that the mission has been bigger and brighter - bigger screen sizes and brighter models. Of course, we’ve just reviewed the hugely popular LG G3 with MLA technology which has been the brightest OLED we’ve ever seen but it sounds like these new models from TCL might be taking top spot for the brightest TVs yet.

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Who are TCL?

For those not familiar, TCL offer a variety of products including Tvs, soundbars, smart phones and tablets. They’ve been growing over the past few years and are becoming a strong contender in the TV market with a wide range of premium and more affordable models.

✅ Global number 1 brand for 98” TV
✅ Global number 1 brand for Google TV
✅ Global number 2 TV brand
✅ Experienced a 114.5% growth - TCL QD-Mini LED TV global shipments in H1 2023
✅ 69.9% growth in TCL QLED TV global shipments in H1 2023

TCL TV lineup 2023

Back at CES earlier this year we saw TCL announce their more affordable and entry-level S Series models as well as their more premium line, the Q Series, which consists of the Q6, Q7 with full array local dimming and the QM8 Mini LED TV. But, we’re back with some more new releases from the brand as well as the introduction of some pretty impressive technology when it comes to this new line of Mini LED models. 

TCL Introduce New Dual-5000 Mini LED Technology

TCL X955 Dual-5000 Technology Nit Rate
TCL X955 Dual-5000 Technology Local Dimming zones

TCL have just announced what they are terming an “R&D Masterpiece '' their Dual-5000 Mini LED Technology which offers 5000+ local dimming zones and over 5000 nits of peak brightness which is a serious jump up from what we’ve seen from other manufacturers. 

They’ve said that this advancement in performance has been achieved in 2 ways. Firstly with some major breakthroughs with the Mini LED six-crystal chip which can apply a more even and tighter design, providing a more uniform light emission as well as a 27.5% increase in brightness and 30.2% increase in energy efficiency which is huge.

On top of that, TCL have also introduced Lighthouse Luminance Technology where a micro-lens is applied onto each mini LED light source to help improve the energy focus. Essentially this tech increases the luminance angle while keeping the TV thickness as slim as possible.

TCL X955 Dual-5000 QD-Mini LED Technology

For the same number of zones and without requiring a thicker model, TCL are suggesting we will see a 33% increase in concentration angles and a 210% increase in light control precision which means we’ll get less of a halo effect where the light bleeds around bright objects on a dark background. They’ve also said this tech will provide significant improvements to the overall image brightness and contrast.

Of course, this technology sounds great but we know it all comes down to how it actually performs in real-world tests to see how big of an impact it has on performance. Plus, until we see the specs we don’t know how this will work for different screen sizes. But from what we’ve seen so far, it’s certainly a big step forwards in the push for brightness and maximised visual performance.


TCL X955 Lifestyle

So TCL have announced 4 new models but only their flagship model will benefit from this new Dual-5000 technology. Named the QD Mini LED X955, their all-new flagship model is only available in larger sizes of 98” and 85”. Now admittedly I would have loved to have seen a 65” & 77” model but hopefully this’ll be something we see later down the line.

The X955 will also benefit from TCL’s Quantum Dot Technology alongside a Mini LED panel with their Dual-5000 Mini LED Tech. This means we should be looking at 5184 dimming zones which should give a pretty impressive picture quality and draw out even better details. 2000 dimming zones is what we get from most premium TVs so TCL are promising big things with this model.

When it comes to brightness, we are also looking at 5000 nits of peak brightness from this model which is incredibly bright. 2000 nits is what the market leaders offer so 5000 is really another level.

TCL X955 Specifications

The X955 model is also promising enhanced performance in other areas. Firstly we’re looking at a 98% DCI-P3 colour gamut which can produce more than a billion colours for a more vivid and lifelike picture. This TV is also powered by the brand’s AIPQ Processor 3.0 which, depending on the content you’re watching, will look to improve the contrast and picture quality in real time. This latest version of their processor also uses AI algorithms for optimised clarity, contrast, HDR support, colours and motions. TCL have also used a 3rd party tester, TUV Rheinland who have certified this TV for its realistic visual experience. 

Design-wise this looks like a very sleek model with a slim design that will sit flush against your wall. The X955 boasts a bezel-less, full-screen design with up to 98% of the screen filled for a more immersive experience. The screen itself is a low reflection screen so we should get reduced glare and this model is TUV low blue light and flicker free.

For the gamers, we think this will be a solid gaming option with 144Hz VRR, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and Dolby Vision gaming but we are waiting to see how many HDMI 2.1 ports this model offers. Audio-wise we’re looking at a 160W of Onkyo audio and a 4.2.2 channel solution with left, right, surround sound, 2 subwoofers and 2 sky-sound channels.

All in all, this new premium model sounds very promising and will look to compete with some of the best in the market but I need to get it into the studio for testing before giving my verdict.


TCL C955 Specifications

TCL also announced the C955, a new mid-range QD-Mini LED model, available in 98”, 85” as well as a more accessible 65”. This model will offer a step down in performance, missing out on that new Dual 5000 tech from the X955, but still promises a pretty impressive 2000 nits of peak brightness. We’ve still got the latest AiPQ processor 3.0, a nice slim design plus 144 Hz VRR and AMD FreeSync though we step down in audio performance to 120W and 2.2.2 channels of Onkyo audio.


TCL C755 Specifications

The next model down, the C755 (or C805 in Europe) is a more affordable QD-Mini LED model, available in a much wider range of screen sizes from 50” all the way up to 98”. This model offers 1300 nits and, in the 65” size we’re looking at around 500 local dimming zones so still a very decent Mini LED picture quality.


TCL 98P745 Specifications

The final model announced today is, in TCL’s words, the world’s most affordable 98” TV, the P745. As seen today, TCL are clearly in the mindset that there is a big market for larger screen sizes and they offer a wide range of options when it comes to QD-Mini LED TVs from 85” up to a massive 115”. This P745 will be a slight step down in performance and a 4K UHD TV but for those looking for a more affordable large screen option then this still ticks a lot of boxes. It boasts a AiPQ Processor 3.0, HDMI 2.1, 144Hz VRR, Dolby Vision IQ, DTS:X, HDR10+ and more. As with all the models I’ve covered today, no prices have been announced so word is still out on this being the most affordable 98” but we are hopeful that this model will offer a good balance between performance, screen size and budget.

TCL announce new Dolby Atmos FlexConnect technology in partnership with Dolby

TCL also made a number of other exciting announcements today including a teaser for their new soundbars launching next year with two Atmos soundbars set to be released in the first half of 2024 and two RayDanz soundbars due later next year.

TCL Dolby Atmos FlexConnect Demonstration

TCL have also announced Dolby Atmos FlexConnect in partnership with Dolby. This is set to launch on TCL TVs in 2024 so we’re not quite there yet but it’s promising upgraded performance for those using wireless speakers with their TV for an upgraded atmos experience. FlexConnect will leverage acoustic mapping to find each speaker around your space and work to deliver an optimised sound performance, perfect if your room doesn't work for a typical speaker configuration. Again something we’re keen to test out as it’s always tricky advising you guys on best speaker placements as not everyone has the “perfect layout and space” so any advancements in tech to help with this sounds good to us!

Of course, TCL don’t just offer TV and audio tech and they’ve also addressed their ongoing emphasis to offer more sustainable solutions and they’ve unveiled new advancements in other tech areas too - all focussed on a smarter and healthier lifestyle. From their NXTpaper phone to their RayNEO X2 glasses, TCL have had a lot to share so let us know if you’d like us to cover tech like this in a future video!


All in all, it’s clear that TCL are looking to push ahead and are certainly making impressive advancements in both the TV industry and wider tech. For me, the field is opening up when it comes to the best brand to buy your TV from and each year the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer for the best models. We are excited to get our hands on these new TCL models and put their technology to the test to see how they compete with some of the best in the market.

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