Ceiling & Outdoor Speakers

  1. Monitor Audio CP-CT380 (Single)

    Monitor Audio CP-CT380 (Single)


    The 8-inch Monitor Audio ceiling speaker complete with back box, drives great sound without sound leakage

    Lowest price promise

  2. Monitor Audio C380-IDC (single)

    Monitor Audio C380-IDC (single)


    Flagship Monitor Audio In-Ceiling for high quality audio performance.

    Lowest price promise

  3. Monitor Audio CP-CT380-IDC (single)

    Monitor Audio CP-CT380-IDC (single)


    8-inch Monitor Audio ceiling speaker with back box and class-leading dispersion

    Lowest price promise

  4. KEF CI200QR (Single)

    KEF CI200QR (Single)


    The highest quality ceiling speaker of the range, the KEF CI200QR is suited to larger-sized rooms that demands sound with distinguished presence.

    Lowest price promise

  5. Monitor Audio AWC265-T2 (Single Stereo Speaker)

    Monitor Audio AWC265-T2 (Single Stereo Speaker)


    The single stereo all-weather Monitor Audio ceiling speaker is perfect for outdoor environments with room for only one speaker

    Lowest price promise

  6. KEF Ventura 6 (Pair)

    KEF Ventura 6 (Pair)

    from £349.00

    KEF Ventura 6 is perfect for medium-to-large sized outdoor listening areas, or for those looking for more than mid-level background music.

    Lowest price promise

  7. Monitor Audio CLIMATE 60 (Pair)

    Monitor Audio CLIMATE 60 (Pair)

    from £349.00

    High performance, weather-resistant speaker with robust casing and stylish design

    Lowest price promise

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