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Sonos PLAY:1 Review

Sonos PLAY:1 Review

I am a huge Apple fan and user, having used their computers since the days they came in beige plastic. It therefore made sense for me to continue using their kit for my home wireless audio, streaming music via a series of Airport Express’s around the home which were linked up to various amps and speaker combinations.

I was reasonable happy with this set up and when I ever came across a Sonos product in the shops, I looked at its price and had a little laugh to myself on why anyone would consider this for their home wireless system, hadn’t they heard of Apple? Were they living in a cave with piles of cash to burn?

I was a little getting a little bored of the drop outs I was experiencing in my bedroom set up and came across the Play 1. I had my credit card in my pocket and must have been feeling a like I needed a treat. I hadn’t read any reviews so did not know what to expect.

Fast forward 1 day.

At my computer, listing all my old hi-fi on ebay. “How do I get all that Sonos kit, from the shop, into my house” I heard the little voice in my head saying.

It was a revelation, the ease of use, the sound quality that this little speaker was producing was amazing. “Sorry Apple, I still love you, but just for video if that’s ok”

I now have 2 Play 1’s set up as a stereo pair, and am looking to expand this as quickly as possible. They work well as a single unit too, excellent when the volume is pushed with a surprising amount of bass - which does tail off a bit when the volume is low, but this is just nit picking. The whole set up is very simple using the Sonos bridge plugged into the router, so simple in fact that I can safely say that even my grey haired mother could do it without calling me on the phone to give her technical support. If you want to move the speakers around the house, spilt the stereo pairs up… not a problem, this can be done within seconds using the free iPhone/iPad app.

I am falling back in love with music and will be looking to expand my library using the likes of the music streaming service, Spotify (you will need to pay for the premium service to work with the Sonos kit, which I understand is around £10 a month). There are plenty of other subblockedion music services plus the excellent radio player, Tune In Radio, which can stream almost any radio station directly to your Sonos speakers. I already used their app on my iPad, so was familiar with how good it is. You can then create playlists using all of these sources seamlessly.

The beauty of this system is its expandability, you don’t need to get it all at once, as the individual speakers work on their own as well as in a set. I had a demo of the sub with the Play 1’s - and if you like your sound really rocking like I do, the sub gives you this to the point where I fear for the carefully nurtured relationship I have with the neighbours.

One thing to note about shopping around for Sonos kit, you’ll find that not many retailers have discounts on it - I found that Smart Home Sounds do appear to buck the trend and offer reduced prices or have offers on kit combinations (ok, you may not retire early on the saving, but every little helps).

Warning. Sonos kit is addictive… 

Rick Chung

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