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Passionate about music

Here at Smart Home Sounds we are passionate about music, so here is a selection of what we are listening to at the moment.

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DJ Snake - Encore

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Barn On The Farm - 2017 Playlist (Spotify Playlist)

Barn On The Farm - 2017 Playlist

Barn On The Farm is an intimate, award winning folk-orientated music festival held in several barns, on a farm, in Gloucestershire. The festival was created in 2010 as a small venture, driven by a passion for decent, new music and the vision of putting on a festival with a real home-grown feel. Now in its seventh year, the festival has gained a reputation as a place you will see the next big thing while meeting some great friends.

Smart Home Sounds #PressPlay Playlist (Spotify Playlist)

Smart Home Sounds #PressPlay Playlist

At Smart Home Sounds we love music and #PressPlay whenever we get the opportunity to. We are pleased to announce our #PressPlay Spotify playlist. Every playlist will have 20 of the latest tracks & remixes capped off with an old school classic!  

#PressPlay with Us!!!


Rio Ferdinand - Old School Hour (Spotify Playlist)

Rio Ferdinand - Old School Hour

Listen to an hour of the finest old school hip hop & RnB hand-picked by Rio Ferdinand.

SHS Playlist Pick - Mary J Blige & Method Man - I'll be there for you / You're all I need


The Perfect Dinner - By Dickie Butcher Music (Spotify Playlist)

The Perfect Dinner - By Dickie Butcher Music

Sit back and listen to a handpicked collection of smooth grooves and mellow beats that create the perfect chill out backdrop during dinner or relaxing with friends.

Dickie Butcher Music creates tailored playlists for the superdry group, luckyonion, Bobby Beer & many more.

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