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    Sonos Move : What Sonos Didn't Tell You ?

    What Sonos Didn't Tell You (in-depth review)
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    Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers Review

    We review Sonos' latest in-ceiling speakers
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    Sonos Amp - Video Review

    Everything you need to know about the new Sonos Amp
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    Sonos One unboxing video

    Unboxing the award-winning Sonos One
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    Sonos Beam unboxing video

    We unbox Beam, the all-new soundbar from Sonos.
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    Sonos One: The Most Complete Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker is Finally Here

    Everything you need to know about the Alexa-enabled Sonos One in one article.
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    How to Voice Control your Sonos Speakers with Amazon Alexa

    Setting Up Amazon Alexa to control your existing Sonos speakers
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    Our Sonos Powered Listening Pod in Cheltenham is now Open

    Come and experience the full Sonos range at our dedicated Sonos powered listening pod in Cheltenham Spa
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    Meet Sonos PLAYBASE, a new take on the traditional Soundbar

    We, at Smart Home Sounds, are very excited to tell you about Sonos’ new compact solution to TV audio.
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    Play Music from your Spotify App straight to your Sonos system

    Sonos have teamed up with Spotify to give users ultimate flexibility allowing direct control of your Sonos speakers from the Spotify native app
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